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Tony Milton MRICS

BSc (Hons) Est Man

Tourism - Centre
Monday, 16 March 2009





Central & South Central Vietnam



The central region of Vietnam in tourist terms refers to Thua Thien-Hue, Da Nang, and Quang Nam provinces. Further north and the climate is less conducive for beach resorts. The 6 provinces of South Central Vietnam are, from north to south: Quang Ngai; Binh Dinh; Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa (Nha Trang); Ninh Thuan; and Binh Thuan (Phan Thiet, which are all surrounded by the imposing Truong Son / Central Highlands Mountains and beautiful beaches and numerous rivers, generally short but very beautiful, and filled with coconut palms. The region has a temperate-tropical-oceanic climate with 2 distinguishable seasons : the rainy & dry seasons. The hottest period runs from May-August when temperatures average 30 Celsius with a maximum of 40 Celsius, and the coldest from December-February, when temperatures average 22 Celsius with a minimum of 17 Celsius. The annual average rainfall is about 2,250 mm though the monthly average ranges from about 40 mm in April to over 550 mm in October. In the rainy season, from September to December, the monthly average rainfall is from 126-569 mm but in the dry season, from January to August, the monthly average rainfall is only 37-79 mm. Tropical typhoons effect the area on average once every 5-6 years in the rainy season.




In mid-2007 the HCMC Department of Tourism signed agreements on tourist co-operation with Binh Thuan & Lam Dong to make a triangle of tourism development.




Thua Thien – Hue



Capital :          Hue City


Districts :        Phong Dien, Quang Dien, Huong Tra, Phu Van-, Huong Thuy, Phu Loc, A Luoi, Nam Dong.


Ethnic groups : Viet (Kinh), Ta Oi, Ca Tu, Bru - Van Kieu, Hoa.




Thua Thien-Hue is bordered north by Quang Tri province, south by Danang City, west by the Truong Son Mountains, and to the east by the East Sea. It is located 650km south of Hanoi and 1,080km north of Ho Chi Minh City. Hue has ancient roots. By the 13th Century it had already been added to the Dai Viet Kingdom as a gift from the Champa King when he married Princess Huyen Tran of the Tran dynasty. The topography is filled with obstacles which has helped give Hue a particular position in Vietnamese history. Prince Nguyen Hoang chose Hue as the capital of the Southern Region (1558), Quang Trung King chose Hue as the capital of the Tay Son Dynasty (1788-1802), and Gia Long King chose Hue as the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945). For approximately 400 years, Thua Thien-Hue in general and Hue City in particular was the political and cultural centre of Vietnam. This is why hundreds of historical and cultural vestiges are located in the area. Because of these vestiges, Hue was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1993.







Lang Co   -  Lang Co beach stretches 10 km along Nastional Highway No. 1a from near the Hai Van Pass and Bach Ma National Park. The 1,350 hectare picturesque lagoon is widely recognised as having great potential for tourism development and it has long attracted a lot of interest of developers wanting to build resorts, golf courses, apartments and bungalows. The Lang Co eco-tourism and international resort project’s master plan was released in 2003 and local authorities are predicting that average investment capital will be around USD$1 million per hectare.



Bach Ma National Park - Approximately 50 km south of Hue is Bach Ma National Park with a climate much like that of Dalat and Sapa; however, since it is located so close to the sea the temperature in winter never goes under 4"C (39.2"F) and the highest temperature in summer never exceeds 26"C (79"F). The French transformed Bach Ma into a summer resort in the early 1930’s and the area comprises 139 villas, plus auxiliary buildings such as a post office, bank and tennis court. Unfortunately, the war and the lack of maintenance has transformed this area in a relic area. Covering 22,030 hectares and comprising many natural resources there are 124 wildlife species living in the national park including monkeys and still some tigers. Bach Ma National Park is also home to 330 odd species of birds known to inhabit Vietnam. More than 1,150 species of plant have been discovered in the park.



Thuan An Beach -Thhuan An Beach is located by the Thuan An estuary where the Huong River flows into Tam Giang Lagoon and then into the sea. At the beginning of the 19th Century. King Minh Man- named it "Thuan An" estuary when he built Tran Hai Port, and established a defensive bastion. Thuan An Beach is about 13km from Hue City, and it takes 15 minutes to reach the beach by car.



Tam Giang-Cau Hai Lagoon- At the end of 2007 a bridge opened spanning the lagoon that extends from the north to the south of Thua Thien-Hue Province paving the way for the economic and tourist development of the area. The 1km long bridge spanning the Tu Hien Estuary in the Phu Loc District cost USD$9.5 million and took 3 years. The new bridge links coastal Highway No. 49a with the National Highway No. 1a and the Chan May-Lang Co Economic Zone. Tam Giang-Cau Hai Lagoon is more than 80 km long, running along the coast of Thua Thien Hue from Dien Hai Commune in Phong Die n District, to Loc Binh Commune in Phu Loc District.







Banana Beach Resort


At the beginning of 2008 the Singaporean group Cattigana One announced plans to build a USD$102 million 5 star resort at the foot of the Hai Van Pass on 100 hectares on Chuoi / Banana Beach in the Chan May-Lang Co Economic Zone. It will comprise 100 beach villas, 70 beach mountain villas and many tourism works such as shopping areas, spa, and entertainment facilities. The villas will be put up for rent or sale. Cattigara One Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Cattigara Real Estate Fund Ltd. (Singapore), will develop the resort in a style similar to resorts in the tourist island of Bali in Indonesia.





At the end of 2007 the Lang Co Ecotourism JSC started work on the Everland Resort ocean ecological zone costing USD$10 million and covering an area of 8 hectares in the Chan May economic zone. The property project includes 120 high class rooms in the central section, 37 villas, a floating restaurant, and a convention center.



Royal Annam


At the end of 2007 the Hoa Binh JSC started construction on a USD$11.5 million resort stretching across 7 hectares between Lang Co Town An Loc Vinh Commune in Phu Loc District and including 61 bungalows.



Land Co Eco-Resort


At the end of 2007 the Lang Co Eco-tourism JSC began building an 8 hectare resort worth USD$10 million on Lang Co Beach.




Da Nang



Capital :          Da Nang City


Districts :        Hai Chau, Thanh Khe, Son Tra, Ngu Hanh Son, Lien Chieu, Hoa Vang,Hoang Sa.


Ethnic Groups : Viet (Kinh), Hoa.



Situated above Quang Nam and below Thua Thien-Hue provinces, Da Nang is the main urban and commercial centre of central Vietnam. The province’s 30km of white sandy beaches are considered among the best in the region and are all easy to reach from the city.






Ba Na Mountain - Ba Na Mountain belongs to Hoa Vang District, 35 km southwest of Danang, and is located 1,487 m above sea level. The average annual temperature varies between 17 and 20°C (62.6 - 68°F). The 4 seasons successively appear in one single day in Ba Na: spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon, and winter at night. One particular characteristic of Ba Na is that the clouds in this zone are at mid-height of the mountains, while the peaks are always clear. Ba Na has very beautiful forests with green pine hills. At the end of 2007 the Ba Na Cable Car Service JSC announced plans for a cable car system project at Ba Na-Suoi Mo some 1,487 meters above sea level, and spanning over 4.8 kilometers, from the foot to the top of Ba Na Mountain, and able to transport 1,000-1,500 people per hour, at a cost of USD$200 million.



Hai Van Pass - Situated between Quang Nam - Danang and Thua Thien - Hue, this pass is one of the most famous sites in Vietnam. Once on the Pass, visitors have the sensation of being in paradise with clouds floating around. One can also admire the sea from a distance. Hai Van Pass has been a source of inspiration for scholars and poets. The Hai Van tunnel opened in 2005.



Son Tra Peninsula - Situated at the entrance of Danang Harbour and acting as a screen protecting the city against winds and storms, Son Tra Peninsula is an ideal site with yellow sand beaches, historical remains, and rare bird and animal species. From the top of Son Tra Peninsula at an altitude of 696 meters the panorama including Danang City, the Marble Mountains, and Ba Na Mountain is magnificent. At the foot of Son Tra Mountain is Tien Sa Beach; its name, meaning female spirits descending from heaven, was derived from a legend in which female spirits came from heaven to bathe in that location.



Non Nuoc Beach - Non Nuoc Beach stretches for several kilometers north and south of Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains). This fine sandy beach receives a large number of sun hours all year round making this destination suitable for tourism during all seasons.






Major office and hotel projects to be developed to 2020


Project’s Name       Inv Capital – USD$m        Developer              Area


Da Phuoc City & Golf Course    250              Daewon                               204he

True Friends Park                          30              Korean Inv & Dev Corp     1.08he

Vinh Trung Plaza                            25               Duc Manh Corporation     1.33he

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Plaza             20              Hoang Anh Group               1 08he

Softech Office Tower                                       Softech Company                1.33 he

Indochina Riverside Towers        27             Indochina Capital                3,560 sqm

Daewon Cantavil                            80              Daewon                                9he

Vina Capital Square                     200              Vina Capital                        9he

Kreves Development                   200              Kreves Development        9he

Danang Plaza                                  15              Danang House Dev Co    5,000 sqm



Resorts in process and under construction to 2020


Project’s Name       Inv Capital – USD$m        Developer              Area


Son Tra Spa & Resort                      41                Son Tra JSC                        30he

InterContinental Danang                  -                  Terra JSC                             10he

Sunrise Resort                                  35                Unknown                              13.85 he

Hoang Tra Resort                              20                Hoang Tra Tourism Co       4 he

Eden Resort                                     150                Bac Hai JSC (Sovico)          34 he

Olalani Resort & Condominiums  20                 United Trust Corp                 7 he

Silver Shores Crown Plaza              86                Hoang Dat Silver Shores   20he

Asia Pearl Resort                               80                Asia Pearl JSC                    17 he

Danang - Saigon Resort                   20                Danang - Saigon JSC       12 he

Indochina Marble Mountain              78                Indochina Land                    20 he

Raffles Danang Resort                     65                Kingdom Hotels                   15 he

Hoang Anh Gia Lai Resort               12.5             Hoang Anh Gia Lai Grp         4.5 he

The Nam Khang Resort                    30                Nam Khang Ltd. Co             20 he

Hanoi Tourism Resort                       25                Hanoi Tourism Corp           10 he

KOR Resort                                        200              KOR Hotel Group                   39 he

Vina Capital Golf Resort                  120              Vina Capital                           260 he




VinaCapital has hired Greg Norman to design a pair of golf courses at their Hoa Hai resort development. The 2No.  18-hole courses, named the Dunes and the Heritage, will be neighboring but separate sites. This will be the first international-standard golf course in the central region. VinaCapital has invested US$130 million in the Hoa Hai golf complex, which will be located near a 260 hectare 5 star hotel resort in Hoa Hai Commune. The first stage entails the development of a 350-room resort, villas, and the Dunes golf course; the second – 2No. hotels, a 33-story building and the Heritages course.



The Montgomerie Links Vietnam takes advantage of its close proximity to both the warm, tranquil Eastern Sea and the striking Marble Mountains set amongst casuarina pines and scruffy dunes to create what will be a true links experience. IMG is providing the design team and managing course construction. IMG, also Montgomerie's agent, is best known in Vietnam for its designs at Ocean Dunes, Dalat Palace and the newly opened Tam Dao, just north of Hanoi. In addition to the course, the development will include 60 sleek residential units, a stylish clubhouse and a comprehensive driving range / practice facility.



Korea’s Lafien Company (Lado Filter Engineering) is building an 18 hole USD$12 million course at the foot of Ba Na mountain, a famous hill resort station in the early 1920s.



South Korea's Daewon’s 7th project in Vietnam is the Da Phuoc International New Town, shortly known as D City on 210 hectares in Da Phuoc Commune of Hai Chau District. Daewon will invest USD$250 million to create high-rise apartments, a commercial area, a residential area and resorts, hotels, a conference center, an international school, an amusement park, a yacht port, villas and an 18 hole golf course. The new township will have a population of 36,000.



In late 2007 the province awarded an investment certificate to South Korea's Daewon Cantavil to develop an urban town in Hai Chau District’s Da Phuoc town project at a cost of about USD$250 million. The town will cover 210 hectares and comprise resorts, an 18 hole golf course, a yacht port, an international conference center, a 60 story office building, villas and around 8,500 condos.



In mid-2008, Oaktree Capital Management of the USA announced plans for the USD$5 billion 500 hectare Rising Sun Resort which will provide 10,000 jobs and become the province’s largest tourism project, encompassing a golf course, sport complex, spa, villas, high-grade hotels, cable car, helicopter landing-pad and a casino. The People's Council have given Oaktree permission to expand to an additional area of 1,500 hectares to the south-west towards Van village.



At the end of 2007 Indochina Land and Viceroy Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary of Kor Hotel Group's luxury brands, announced that they would team up to build a high-end resort featuring 120 guestrooms and suites and 50 villas, 2 gourmet restaurants, a full-service spa. The resort will be available for sale allowing owners to enjoy full access to the hotel's services and amenities and the option of participating in a rental programme. Purchasing options are in the USD$1-2 million range.



Quang Nam




Capital :          Tam Ky Town


Districts :        Hoi An Ancient Town, Hien, Dai Loc, Dien Ban, Duy Xuyen, Giang, Thang Binh, Que Son, Heip Duc, Tien Phuoc, Phuoc Son, Nui Thanh, Tra My.


Ethnic Groups : Viet (Kinh), Co Tu, Xo Dang, Gie Trieng, Co.






Hoi An Ancient Town: Situated 30km south of Da Nang and next to the Thu Bon River it was formerly known as Faifo to early Western traders in the 16th & 17th Centuries when it was one of the major trading centres of Southeast Asia. Hoi An was an important port for Dutch, Portugese, Itanian, Chinese and Japanese merchant vessels and many of the few streets have been kept almost intact although most of the houses were made of wood and decorated with horizontal lacquered boards and vertical parallel panels engraved with Chinese characters.



My Son Holy Land: Situated in a valley amongst several Champa temples, built of brick between 7th & 13th Centuries with different architectural styles, My Son has been compared with other famous UNESCO awarded sites such as Angkor Wat, Borobudur, Vatphu and Pagan. Many temples were damaged or destroyed by in the wars but moves are now being made to restore and repair some of the destroyed temples.



Cham Island: In mid 2007 Vietnam’s UNESCO Commission asked Quang Nam to submit an application for the lower section of Thu Bon River, the historic town of Hoi An and the Cham Island Sea Reserve, so that the area could be proclaimed a biosphere reserve. Quang Nam has already sub¬mitted to UNESCO a scientific document recognising Cu Lao Cham, or Cham Island alone as a biosphere reserve. The historic town of Hoi An was recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 1999. Cham Island, 19 km from Hoi An, is an archipelago with 8 big and small islands covering an area of 15 The island is the south eastern stretch of the Bach Ma-Hai Van-Son Tra granite range which was shaped some 230 million years ago. Cham Island has 135 species of coral including the first 6 species recognised in a Vietnamese sea. The island also has 947 species living around the archipelago, with 170 sea creatures, 50 kinds of fish, and many species listed in Viet Nam's Red Book. Cham Island is now home to about 3,000 residents. The Cham Island Sea Reserve was established there under the sponsorship of the Vietnamese and Danish governments. The most difficult hurdle Cu Lao Cham for tourism is the lack of an electricity supply system. There are 5 Ukraine-made hydrofoils which take 18 minutes from Cua Dai to Hoi An. Two other hydrofoils that can seat 65 passengers take an hour from Danang along the Han River. The islet is envisioned housing resorts and hotels and is seen as an ideal venue for entertainment and sports like mountain climbing, diving, yachting and fishing. There are 5 primitive beaches on the islet - Huong, Bim, Chong, Ong and Bac – which are attractive to tourist developers.







Dragon Beach Casino Golf Resort


In early 2008 the province asked the Government for an investment licence worth US$ 10 billion for the American company Global C&D Inc and some other American companies project named Dragon Beach Casino Resort. Under the proposal, the luxury sea resort would include hotels, casinos, a trade centre, a convention centre, a golf course and entertainment facilities to be built over 460ha in the Dien Ban District. About $9 billion would be invested in nine hotel-casino complexes, covering 200ha. A $400 million international convention centre is also planned, covering 30ha. Another $140 million would go to 20ha of high grade hotels. Plans also call for a golf course, community sport zone and country club, covering 20ha, at a cost of $100 million. The commercial and retailing centre would be built over 20ha, at a cost of $140 million. The first phase of the project would focus on building a high quality resettlement area, covering 60ha of the project site.



Bien Rang Resort


In mid-2008, Philand Vietnam submitted its architecture plan to build the Bien Rang resort on 42 hectares in the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone. The resort will comprise facilities such as villas, restaurants, hotels, and a golf course of 18 holes.



Cat Vang Chu Lai Resort


At the beginning of 2007 the Cat Vang Chu Lai Resort was started.




Hoi An Riverside Resort

Hoi An Hotel

Hoi An Beach Resort

Victoria Hoi An Resort

Cua Dai Hotel

Hai Yen Hotel

Huong Chau Hotel

Vinh Hung 1 Hotel

Bo Bo Resort

An Dong Hotel - Hoi An

Le Domaine de Tam Hai Island Resort

Golden Sand Beach Resort

Hoi An Pacific Hotel

Dong Duong Hotel - Expansion

Palm Garden Resort

Tri Viet Hotel Resort




Quang Ngai




Capital :          Quang Ngai Town


Districts :        Ly Son Island, Binh Son, Tra Bong, Son Thinh, Son Tay, Son Ha, Tu Nghia, Nghia Hanh, Minh Long, Mo Duc, Duc Pho, Ba To.


Ethnic Groups : Viet (Kinh), Hre, Kho, Xo Dang.



The province is an exotic mixture of mountains, jungles, paddy fields and beaches along an unblemished coastline. Quang Ngai has several significant historical sites and tourist attractions going back 2,500-3,000 years from ancient ‘Cham’ times, to the more recent wars of independence, such as Sa Huynh, Ba To, My Son, and Van Tuong.


In 2004, the province’s revenue from tourism reached about USD$4 million from around 140,000 domestic and foreign visitors. In the first half of 2005, the revenue was up by 24% to USD$2.4 million and the number of visitors up by 26% to 85,000, of which 5,650 were foreigners – up by 17%.


The coastline holds great potential for beach development and so to attract more investment the province has spent about USD$2.5 million on electricity and water treatment improvements and in construction two 2 km coastal roads along My Khe beach and the Kinh Giang river, and a USD$5 million 100 bed international standard hospital at Dung Quat. So far, the province had licenced several tourist resort projects, most of which are along (1) My Khe beach, (2) Sa Huynh beach and in (3) Binh Son district around Dung Quat IP.






Provincial authorities are seeking investment for the following tourist resort projects : -



Beach : -



Sa Huynh Beach Resort (Pho Thanh Commune) : 40-50 hectares USD$2.5-7m



Van Tuong Coastal Eco-Tourist Resort (Binh Son District) : 100-400 hectares USD$15-50m (in the vicinity of the subject property).



My Khe Resort (Son Tinh District) : 120-150 hectares USD$25m


A – Multi Storey Hotel (4 hectares) : USD$5m


B – Hotel & Villas Tourist Complex (3-9.7 hectares) : USD$5-15.5m


C – Service Centre & Entertainment Park (3.2 hectares) : USD$5m


D – Camping Area (3.5-7 hectares) : USD$2.5-5m


E – Sports & Recreation (14.4 hectares) : USD$500,000



In-Land : -



Ca Dam Mount Eco-Resort (Tra Bong District) :  250 hectares USD$5-15m



Thac Trang ‘White Waterfall’ Resort (Minh Long District) : 20 hectares USD$2m



Suoi Chi ‘Chi Stream’ Tourist Area (Nghia Hanh District) : 100 hectares USD$2m






My Khe Beach - Son Tinh District, is situated 8 km north-east of Quang Ngai Town, 25 km south of Dung Quat EZ and 12 km south-southeast of Van Tuong City and is one of the province's most visited beaches. Some guidebooks describe is as “one of the most beautiful beaches in central Vietnam, approximately 8 km long with fine white powdery sand. My Khe is ideal for basking in the sun and swimming as the beach is clean and the slope gentle, plus there are no big waves or rips. Close by is the Kinh River and a cool, dark green forest of poplars. Hamlets stand along the back of the beach, while fishing boats are moored off it.” The beach also connects with a chain of eco-cultural tourism sites including the An Mountain, Thien An Pagoda, Chau Sa Old Citadel and the My Son war shrine. The 1st Phase development programme covers 153 hectares.



My Tra 3 Resort - This 30 hectare USD$6.3 million property will be developed by the Quang Ngai based Investment & Construction Co Ltd and include beach bungalows, a hotel and restaurant; and



The Hang Duong Marine Eco-Tourism Resort – This 36 hectare USD$2.4m development by the Hanoi based Ha Thanh Co is being developed in 3 Phases with the on-going 1st Phase comprising of a 3 star 52 room resort, a 250 seat restaurant and conference centre, a tennis court, swimming pool and water sports area. The developer’s target market is “local people including those who can only pay as little as VND10,000 (USD$0.60) to enjoy a nice holiday.” However, the 2nd Phase will comprise a 5 star 100 room resort, a therapy centre and other amenities “specifically designed for businessmen, investors and specialists working in the Dung Quat Economic Zone.” The 3rd Phase will comprise 20 villas of between 400-700 sqm for long term lease.



Anh Son-My Keh Eco Resort – At the beginning of 2008 Anh Sao Ltd Co announced plans to build the Anh Sao-My Khe ecological resort with a combined investment capital of USD$20 million covering an area of 13 hectares in the Son Tinh District.



Sa Huynh Beach, Duc Pho District - in the southern District of Duc Phu is described by some guidebooks as “an ideal location for tourists to stop-over on the way from Nha Trang to Hoi An, with beautiful clear water and golden sands.”



Duc Phu Resort - In late 2004 the infrastructure for a new USD$1.16 million tourism resort in Duc Pho District was built including a new 1.7km road, a drainage system and an electric supply system.



Vina Universal Paradise - At the end of 2007 the province approved plans by the Vina Investment JS Company to build the Vina Universal Paradise trading and service area on 59 hectares next to the foot of Long Phung Mountain in Son Tinh District near the Sa Huynh archaeological site, Ba Nu mountains, Liet Son Lake, and Monkey Island, including high-end villas, commercial zones, deluxe hotels, entertainment areas and a movie studio. The USS59.4 million project is being carried out by HCM's City Tan Tao Investment Group (ITAGroup).



Binh Son District - Binh Son District is northern most province and includes Dung Quat EZ and several beautiful beaches. A total area of 400 hectares of the EZ has been reserved for tourism development, including “sea-ecological resorts”, hotels, villas, entertainment centers, a golf-course, and heliport.



Paradise Four Seasons Resort - In late 2004 the HCM City based Phi Long Investment Company and Thuang Dung Company announced plans to build a tourism complex by the sea near the Dung Quat Oil Refinery called Thien Dang (Paradise) at Khe Hai beach in Binh Son. The USD$19.35 million 152.2 hectare Paradise Resort will have 5 main areas named Paradise Four Seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn which will have hotels, beauty salons, a fitness centre, shops and entertainment. The company also applied for housing to be included in the resort but the local authorities turned down the request. Phi Long is also investing in a residential area at Tay Ninh province's Moc Bai border zone.



Song Hong Residential Area - In mid 2007 the Song Hong Construction Company under the Construction Ministry began work on a USD$12.7 million housing project in Dung Quat Economic Zone's Van Tuong Urban Town covering 8.8 hectares and providing accommodation for more than 1,000 employees at the Dung Quat Oil Refinery project, comprises 4No 5 storey apartment blocks and 144No villas in addition to sports and cultural facilities.



North Loi Residential Area - In early 2007 the HCM City based Phat Dat Housing JS Company was licenced to invest USD$10 million to build 209 villas in an area of 75,200 sqm in the North Loi Residential Area.



Ngoc Linh Service Complex - In 2004 the Hanoi based Ngoc Linh Trading & Investment Comapny received a permit from Dung Quat Economic Zone Authority to build a 7 storey 3 star hotel with 64 rooms and services featuring restaurants, a conference hall and offices for lease on 12,760sqm in the Doc Soi new urban town with an investment of USD$1.2 million.



Thuan Dung Beach Resort - This 107 hectare property has also been licensed in the northern most Binh Thanh Commune. It is being developed by Thuan Dung Co and is scheduled for completion in 2010 with an investment of about USD$12.5 million.



Dung Quat Hotel – Also situated in Binh Thanh’s Doc Soi New Urban Town close to the Ngoc 3 star Linh Hotel project, the property is currently being developed by the Duc Long Co at a cost of USD$4.5 million (USD$2.1 million 1st Phase) on about 1.5 hectares.



Dung Quat “Service Compound – Situated in Binh Tri Commune adjacent to the oil refinery and the Heavy Industrial Zone, the property is being developed by Hoang Mai Co on 1.4 hectares at a cost of USD$1.4m as a “Motel, offices for rent, and mini-supermarket” and should be operational in 2007.



Thien Tan Villa Complex – Situated to the north of Van Thuong New Urban Area’s ‘Northern Residential Area’ in Binh Hai Commune, about 1km along the main road northwards from the subject property, the local developer ATESCO has recently completed the construction of 31No. “4-star” villa style apartments and 32No terraced town-houses for the foreign and local staff of Technip (the consortium contracted to construct the oil refinery), and will complete 42 more villas in 2007. However, since the 5 hectare USD$6.4 million development is a little in-land by a steep cliff, the project does not have any direct beach access or views.



Duc Long Resort – Situated in Binh Hai Commune adjacent to the northern boundary of the subject property, this approximately 7 hectare USD$18 million resort development is Duc Long’s second project at Dung Quat. The first phase comprises a 4 star hotel with 105 rooms and investment capital of USD$6.6 million.



Nua Thu “Autumn Apartments” – Situated in Binh Hai Commune adjacent to the southern boundary of the subject property, this approximately 6 hectare hotel and apartment resort development by a Hanoi based company is currently “completing investment procedures.”



Starlight Resort - In early 2008 the Starlight Company got approval to invest USD$20 million in a 13 hectare eco-tourism area including sections for gift shops, restaurants and villas, a resort, and sport and conference auxiliaries.



Tra Bong District



Quang Ngai Sugar Eco-Tourism Resort - In mid 2007 the Quang Ngai Sugar JS Company announced plans to develop an ecological resort in Tra Bong District.



Tu Nghia District



Suoi Mo Resort - In mid 2007 the Thien Tan Investment & Construction JS Company announced plas for a USD$4.6 million 400 hectare eco-tourism site in Suoi Mo, Tu Nghia District.



Ba To District



Thien Dang Resort - The Thien Dang Company is developing a USD$1.86 million eco-tourism resort in Ba To District.




Binh Dinh



Capital :          Quy Nhon City


Districts :        An Lao, Hoai An, Hoai Nhon, Phu My, Phu Cat, Vinh Thanh, Tay Son, Van Canh, An Nhon, Tuy Phuoc


Ethnic Groups : Viet (Kinh), Cham, Ba Na






Quy Nhon Beach - Quy Nhon beach is a great stopping point when travelling between Da Nang and Nha Trang.



Hoi Van Village - Hoi Van village is Phu Cat District 40km from Quy Nhon is well known for its hot spring. The temperature of the water is 76C / 169F and is composed of various mineral componets useful in the treatment of rheumatism, mental disorders, and cardio-vascular and skin diseases. Besides the hot spring there is a sanatorium which offers steam baths with mineral water at 38C / 100F which is excellent for various medical treatments and general health.






Vinh Hoi Tourism Complex


Vinh Hoi is listed by the Vietnam National Tourist Administration as a highlight on the national tourist route, with local attractions including Phuong Mai Peninsula and Ba Mountain.






Saigon Quy Nhon Hotel


In late 2005 the JV between SaigonTourist Holding Company, Peace Tour Company, Quy Nhon Paper Mill, Hoa Binh Tourist Company, Quy Nhon Beer Company, Construction & Building Material Company 3 of the Ministry of Trade, Binh Dinh Lottery Company and Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank opened the 148 room 4 star hotel in Ghenh Rang near the city center, 25 minutes drive from Phu Cat Airport. The USD$3.87 million hotel has 23 standard rooms, 23 superior rooms, 91 deluxe rooms, 10 suite rooms, 1 presidential suite, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, a 400 seat ballroom and 3 small meeting rooms with 30 to 50 seats each. Other facilities include steambath, sauna, Jacuzzi and bathing in a mineral spring. The 8 storey hotel is located on 4,300 sqm adjacent to Quy Nhon beach.



Life Wellness Resort & Spa Quy Nhon


The 13.5 hectare USD$2 million 63 room 4 star 25 year JV between Binh Dinh Tourism Company and Austria's Baumeister Spuller opened in early 2003. It was the Life Resorts’ first property in Vietnam, who brought additional USD$2.5 million in investment funds from IBUS, a big Dutch real estate group with projects in the US, France, Germany and Belgium to add 30-40 more villas. The resort is located on a sweeping expanse of private beach in a scenic location at the foot of a hill about 16 kilometres from Qui Nhon. Guests also have a panoramic view of the uninhabited islands in the sea and rocks and cliffs on the beach and many recreational activities, such as basket boat rides, sand castle building, tug-of-war, volleyball, jogging, mountain-biking and snorkeling. The resort has Cham architecture inside and outside the rooms which all have statues, carvings and paintings of Cham women dancing and fulfilling their daily chores. From the rooms' balconies, guests can watch fishermen casting nets. An oasis spa in the garden across a wooden bridge has 5 outdoor treatment bungalows, 3 indoor suites, 6 bathtubs, showers, lemon-grass scented steam baths, dry sand and salt sauna, and outdoor ponds. The project is part of the Bai Dai (Long Beach) tourist complex and has a poolside bar and a 160 seat restaurant.



Ghenh Giang Ocean Lagoon Resort


The 5 hectare resort by Hoang Anh Gia Lai in Quy Nhon cost USD$6.4 million and has 150 guestrooms. Ghenh Giang has one of the most beautiful beaches in the country called Hoang Han or Queen with the egg-shaped stones common to the area. In 1945, King Bao Dai built a 3 storey villa in the shape of a ship for his queen to bathe in at the beach.



Dien Anh Hotel


296 Phan Boi Chau, Quy Nhon City



Quy Nhon Tourist Hotel


8-10 Nguyen Hue, Quy Nhon City



Hai Au Hotel, Quy Nhon City


In 2005 the USD$3.3 million 4 star hotel opened. It has 11 storeys and 110 rooms.






Phu Hoa Lake Tourist & Recreation Complex


Hoan Cau Tourist JS Company and Viet Phu Cuong (a HCM City based company established by a group of overseas Vietnamese), plan to develop the Phu Hoa Lake resort and residential area covering 280 hectares in Quy Nhon City. The resort will occupy 130 hectares and the residential area 150 hectares with total capital of more than USD$18.6 million.



Phu Cat Golf Resort


In 2005 the US based Investment Trade Consulting International (ITC) Company received approval to build a 91.5 hectare resort in Phu Cat District. The USD$150 million resort was to have comprised a 4-5 star hotel of 350 rooms, an 18 hole golf course and auxiliary facilities such as a sea-ecological area and a sea sports area. But in late 2005 the provincial government rejected the resort project on grounds of financial uncertainty because company had failed to prove its financial capacity.



Phuong Mai International Town


In mid 2007 the province approved the Phuong Mai tourism zone covering 359.16 hectares. Phuong Mai international maritime eco-system lies in the south of the Nhon Hoi Economic Zone and in late 2005 the Hanoi Civilization & Urban Development Company announced plans to develop 2 resorts worth a combined USD$110 million in the Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, with an aim of developing modern accommodation and relaxation facilities. The first project, worth USD$100 million, is named Phuong Mai International Town and Ecological Tourism Area in Nhon Hai Commune in Quy Nhon City. The investor wanted to use around 565 hectares on Phuong Mai Peninsula to build resorts, luxury hotels, relaxation zones and apartments for rent. The second project, worth USD$10 million, is aimed to build the Canh Tien Villas and Relaxation area in Cat Tien Commune in Phu Cat District.



Villas for Angles Complex


The Villas & Resorts for Angels project will cover 56 hectares in Trung Luong Lagoon by Nui Ba mountain. Facilities will include hotels near the mountain and hundreds of 5 star seafront villas for families that will be used on a time-share and second home basis.



Vinh Hoi Golf Resort Complex


At the end of 2006 the USD$250 million 300 hectare Vietnamese American Hotel and Resort Co Ltd complex was approved in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone. Facilities listed in the blue-print include a 5 star hotel and villas with over 1,00 rooms, a golf course, a convention hall, a sports center, a convalescence resort, and a sea park among others things. The Vietnamese American Hotel and Resort Co Ltd was established by ITC Spectrum LLC of the US and is 30 kilometers north of Quy Nhon City. In the USD$110 million 1st Phase, construction will be completed on a 300 room 5 star hotel, a 450 room 3 star hotel, 400 villas, a swimming pool, and a golf course. In the 2nd Phase, a further USD$140m will add another 600 rooms and expand and fit out auxiliary facilities.



Hop Long golf course


At the beginning of 2007 the authorities approved a 300 hectare golf resort in Cat Hai and Cat Thanh Communes of Phu My District by the HCMC based Hop Long Commerce & Investment Joint Stock Company. The 72 hole golf course will be the biggest golf course in Vietnam. With an initial investment of about USD$15 million, the company, with it Korean partners, plans to build an 18 hole golf course  A golf driving range covering 2 hectares in Quy Nhon City will also be built.



Gruener Park Quy Nhon


In early 2006 German backed Promag announced plans to build the tallest residential building in the Quy Nhon-Song Cau tourist area, a 20 storey block for sale and lease on an 8 hectare site. Promag plans to invest USD$30 million to build the project which includes a commercial and office complex, shopping centre, high-rise buildings for lease, villas and a cable car system.



Quy Nhon Four Seasons Bay Resort


Quy Nhon based An Phu Thinh Investment Construction & Tourist JS Company plans to invest about USD$100 million to build the Quy Nhon Four Seasons Bay Resort in Vinh Hoi tourist area of Phu Cat District. The resort will cover 146 hectares with 1.3 kilometers of beach-front and comprise a golf course, a villa section, a hotel, a picnic area and other facilities.



Hoi Van Hot Spring Park


At the beginning of 2007 the province agreed to an eco-tourism park project in Phu Cat District by a JV between Saigon Foods Import Export Manufacture Joint Stock Company and Tay Nguyen Cable Television JSC. The Hoi Van Park will be home to a hot spring with the mineral water at 70-80oC. Previously, in early 2006 Japan's Daitsu Inc had announced plans to build a hot spring center in the Phu Tai Industrial Zone, 40 kilometers north of Quy Nhon City.



Quoc Thang Resort Complex


In late 2006 the Binh Dinh province based Quoc Thang Company started work on the USD$11.25 million 74.6 hectare commercial and entertainment complex in the Nhon Hoi Economic Zone comprising commercial space, a resort, a sports area, service and entertainment facilities, a water park and thrilling games. The complex has a good location for future development as it is near the customs free area in the economic zone. Quoc Thang is a major wood processor in the province.



Trung Lacing Rainbow Resort


At the end of 2006 the My Tai company begun construction of the Trung Lacing-Rainbow resort a cost of USD$5 million covering 18 hectares of Nhon Hoi industrial zone. The Rainbow resort will be a 4 star resort including a 46 room villa, swimming pool and recreation areas. The construction will be divided into 2 phases.



GP Highland Golf Resort


In late 2007 the Global Petroleum Highland Investment JSC (GP Highland) was registered to develop the USD$150 million 350 hectare 5 star golf eco-resort with international standard villas for rent in site in Hai Giang village in Nhon Hai Commune's Nhon Hoi Economic Zone. GP Highland is comprised of a number of oil and gas companies and has experience of financing and investing many high class resorts, and receives strong financial support from the Global Petroleum Bank.



Kee Hing Cheung Kee Resort


At the end of 2006 the Chinese groups Shandong Haihua and Kee Hing Cheung Kee pledge investment of around USD$1.4 billion to build a USD$300 million soda carbonate factory and an 8 million tonne oil refinery in Nhon Hoi economic zone worth USD$1 billion. Kee Hing Cheung Kee also plans to develop a USD$100 million resort.



Foxconn Nhon Hoi 50he resort-Nhon Ly Trung


In mid 2007 the Taiwan based Foxconn Technology Group, the world's largest outsourcing maker of electronic equipment, announced plans to invest in an economic zone in the province. The electronics giant will develop 3e projects in the Nhon Hoi Economic Zone, namely : -



1.      A 700 hectare industrial park, and



2.      A 300 hectare service complex including houses, apartments, and an entertainment area for experts and workers, and



3.      A resort covering 50 hectare in the Nhon Ly Trung Luong area.



The group, which has been making world famous high end electronic products including Nokia cell-phones, iPod music players, and PIayStation 2 video game consoles, is planning to pour some US$5 billion into a manufacturing project in Vietnam and developing hi-tech parks, modern towns, golf courses, hospitals, entertainment parks and schools.



Binh Dinh Trade Centre


At the beginning of 2007 the HCMC based Binh Tay Tourist Trade & Construction Company announced plans to invest USD$5.59 million in a shopping and tourism service center in Quy Nhon City covering 23,250 square meters. The facility will be an avenue for displaying and selling tourism products, local specialties, handicraft products, electrical and daily appliances, cultural products, and high-tech products. There will also be an amusement and entertainment area, facilities for healthcare, a gymnasium, convention centre, wedding services, shows, dancing, bowling and games.



Cho Lon Quy Nhon Trade Centre


In mid 2007 the An Phu Thinh Construction Investment Development JSC was selected as the investor of a USD$13.5 million project to rebuild the main market in Qui Nhon City under a build-operate-transfer (BOT) form. The 8 story commercial center will provide about 39,000 square meters plus one basement on the 5,000 sqm site where the old market was destroyed by fire in 2006.



Midland Resort


Cosevco (Midland Construction Corp) have announced plans to develop an USD$5 million 3-5 star hotel.



My Tai Hotel


The hotel is being developed by the Binh Dinh based My Tai Company with USD$5 million.



KiWi Connection Resort


New Zealand’s KiWi Connection company has announced plans to develop tourist accommodation services.



Vinh Hoi  Resort


Work is underway on a tourism project in the Nhoon Hoi Economic Zone worth USD$250 million covering 300 hectares by Vietnamese American Hotel & Resort Co Ltd. Facilities listed in the blueprint include a 5 star hotel and villas with over 1,000 rooms, a golf course, a convention hall, a sport center, a convalescence resort, and a sea park among others. Vietnamese American Hotel & Resort Co Ltd was established by ITC Spectrum LLC of the US after the tourism project was licensed in 2006. The complex, named Vinh Hoi Hotel and Resort, is 30 kilometers north of the provincial capital of Quy Nhon City. All works in the project are designed as part of the natural landscape, lending themselves to the environment, forest and sea landscape there.



Hop Long Golf Resort


HCMC based Hop Long Commerce & Investment JS Co plans to develop a 72 hole golf course which will be the biggest golf course in Vietnam. The golf course will be located on a 300 hectare area in Phu My District.



Quy Nhon – Cau River Tourism & Service Area


In late 2008, the HCMC based Tan Nghia Investment Construction Company received approval for a USD$14.2 million project to build a tourism complex including a resort and other auxiliary facilities in Quy Nhon - Cau River Tourism and Service Aea, making the company the third investor allowed to invest into the area.



Vinh Hoi Resort: Work is underway on a tourism project worth USD$250 million covering 300 hectares. Vietnamese American Hotel & Resort Co Ltd is the owner who expect construction on the most capital intensive project in Binh Dinh's Nhon Hoi Economic Zone to be completed in 2014. Facilities listed in the blueprint include a 5 star hotel and villas with over 1,000 rooms, a golf course, a convention hall, a sport center, a convalescence resort, and a sea park among others. Vietnamese American Hotel & Resort Co Ltd was established by ITC Spectrum LLC of the US after the tourism project was licensed in 2006. The complex, named Vinh Hoi Hotel and Resort, is 30 kilometers north of the provincial capital of Quy Nhon City. Vinh Hoi has been classified by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism as a tourist attraction along the national tourism route named Phuong Mai Peninsula-Nui Ba Mountain. All works in the project are designed as part of the natural landscape, lending themselves to the environment, forest and sea landscape there.



An Phu Thinh JS Investment & Construction in Quy Nhon City plans to develop a resort in Vinh Hoi called Quy Nhon Four Seasons Bay Resort with total investment of about USD$100million. The resort will cover 146 hectares with 1.3 kilometers of beach front and will include a golf course, a villa section, a hotel, a picnic area and other facilities.



HCMC based Hop Long Commerce & Investment JS Co plans to develop a 72 hole golf course which will be the biggest golf course in Vietnam. The golf course will be located on a 300 hectare area in Phu My District.




Phu Yen




Capital :          Thu Hoa Town


Districts :        Dong Xuan, Song Cau, Tuy An, Son Hoa, Tuy Hoa, Song Hinh.


Ethnic Groups : Viet (Kinh), Ede, Cham, Ba Na






Ro Bay


Ro Bay is in the south of Phu Yen Province, 25 km from Tuy Hoa Town on the National Highway and can be reached, by the Reunion railway. Ro Bay is among the most beautiful of seaside landscapes in the central area. Surrounded by the Hon Ba Mountains, Ro Bay is an enclosed bay, which has such a great depth that it can receive ships with tonnage of 10,000 tons or more. Along the bay's coast, there are small, beautiful and attractive beaches such as Hon Mua Beach. Next to Ro Bay is the Natural preservation site on the northside of Ca Hill, which is a protected forest on the side of hills and mountains (the area stretches across the Vong Phu Mountains). The forest, which covers an area of 8,780 hectares, has rich flora and fauna, including 191 species of plants, 22 animal species, and 55 species of birds. There are some precious and rare animals such as pheasants, red faced monkeys, Tibetan bears, malayan bears, pangolins, and panthers living in the forest.



My A / Long Thuy Beach


Belonging to An Phu village in Tuy An District, this beach is incredibly beautiful with white sand and clear water running along under the coconut trees' shadows. Off in the high seas, there are big islands. among which is Hon Chua island with an area of 22 hectares, where there are beautiful landscapes and a favourable and abundant ocean ecological systems for sea exploration activities.







Bai Tram Hideaway Resort


In late 2008 resort, developed by La Perla International Living Group, opened, nestled in a tranquil, curve shaped bay. The 5km long approach road to the hideaway from National Highway 1a runs up and down through a thinly-populated village, green paddy fields, shrimp farms, Cu Mong Lagoon and a market where local people gather every day to sell and buy seafood, vegetables and other life's necessaries. Breezes welcome guests upon their arrival at the resort, which overlooks a secluded lagoon and the small quiet bay where the resort's white-sand beach lies. As the entrance is situated on a hill, it is the best place to watch the sunrise and sunset in the direction of the lagoon. Down the path from the entrance, guests go through a field where rice, vegetables and herbs grow, giving the, resort's chefs more options. The bungalows, whose spacious verandas overlook the ocean, have thatch-rooves and feature private pool, traditional and local architecture and western comfort and luxury.







Dai Lanh


Dai Lanh is a narrow strip of land located between National Highway 1a and the beach in Dong Hoa district. The picturesque beach has a natural and wild beauty and is also known as Dien Cape or Ke Ga Cape. It is located 80km north of Nha Trang and is the eastern-most of Vietnam's beaches. Passing Vung Ro (Ro Pool) to ascend to Dai Lanh Cape some tourists see Dai Lanh as a “paradise on earth: nestled between the Co Ma pass to the south and the Ca pass to the north. Dai Lanh Cape extends to the beach and reaches 86m high. Under the foot of the cape lies a small, beautiful beach bounded by the rock-tops called Bai Mon (Mon Beach). Previously the beach could only be reached by boat but the new Phuoc Ten-Bai Nga road makes the destination easier to reach.



Rung Duong - Thanh Lau tourist investment project


Requires about USD$3 million.



Bai Mon - Mui Dien Village tourist investment project


Requires about USD$3 million.







New City Golf Resort Complex


At the end of 2007, New City Property Development Group of Brunei and two investors from Taiwan and the US announced that they would tripled their investment capital from US$560 million to USD$1.55 billion (end 2006) to USD$4.18 billion for the 485 hectare resort complex in Tuy An District and Tuy Hoa City, if the prime minister permits them to develop a casino in addition to the 5 star hotel (due to be built on the sea), the convalescent and healthcare resort, the golf course, and pleasure-boat area. The increase in the investment capital is also aimed at expanding and upgrading Tuy Hoa airport and buying helicopters in order to take foreign and domestic tourists to Phu Yen by air. Modern cruise ships will also be bought to take tourists along the seashore. The investors are hoping to cash in on the country's robust tourism and WTO membership since there would be more foreign investors, and because of the perceived substantial investment about to flood into the nearby Van Phong Economic Zone. Previously, in late 2004 Korea’a IGU group announced plans for a USD$200-300 million resort in the An Phu and An Chau communes of Tuy An District, including a 459 room 5 star resort with an 18 hole 132 hectare golf course, restaurants, sports and entertainment facilities, cultural facilities and luxurious villas



FBS Dam O Loan Lagoon Golf Resort


In mid 2003 the property developer FBS announced plans to invest US$38.3 million building housing, hotels and resorts, with half the funding for building villas and semi detached houses on 20 hectares, and the other half for building a 4 star hotel, more villas, an 18 hole golf course and resorts at Hon Nua and O Loan Lagoon.



Bai Om Eco-Tourism Park


In mid 2004 the US owned R&F Xuan Phuong company was licenced to take over the long delayed Bai Om tourist park project in Song Cau District for USD$2 million. The previous owner was a Korean company that had made no progress with building the 18 hectare recreational facility. The company will open hotels, restaurants, and tours to cater to about 70% foreign tourists.



Tuy Hoa New Town


In mid 2005 a group of Singaporean investors announced plans to develop a master plan for the area from Tuy Hoa City to Vung Ro Bay. The Singaporean Town Planning One Pte Ltd will also design the South Tuy Hoa new residential area into a small model city. The investment to build infrastructure for the whole area is estimated at about USD$100 million with the South Tuy Hoa project alone costing about USD$25 million covering 350 hectares.



Phuong Long Resort - Tuy An


In early 2007 the Phuong Long Construction Company got approval to formulate a project to build a resort in Tuy An District at a total cost of USD$745,000.



Hoa Binh Golf Resort


In late 2007 the giant construction and real estate trading firm Hoa Binh got approval from to formulate an eco-tourism and golf resort project covering 300 hectares. Hoa Binh-Phu Yen Investment & Development Company was set up with total capital of USD$2.5 million to carry out the project with Hoa Binh contributing 98%.



Saigon Phu Yen Resort


In late 2004 Saigon Phu Yen, a JV between SaigonTourist Holding Company and 5 other Vietnamese companies built a 4 star hotel on the coast by Tuy Hoa Town. The company has a legal capital of USD$1.9 million and is also investing in Bai Tien Tourist Park and upgrading the Huong Sen Hotel.



Saigon Song Cau


Saigontourist will set up an affiliate called Saigon Song Cau to tap the coast of Song Cau District.



Thuan Thao Eco-Tourism Park


In early 2005 the Thuan Thao Transport & Trading Enterprise from Tuy Hoa started on a USD$700,000 eco-tourism park covering 10,000 hectares in Binh Ngoc Commune.



Ai Cuc Hotel


In late 2006 the province revoked investment licences of 7 projects involved in services and tourism including the Korea invested Woo Hee Trading Company’s resort, the Phu Yen Company’s eco-tourism resort, and the Ai Cuc Company’s hotel.



Xuan Hai Tourist Complex


The local authorities are seeking investors for the USD$10 million coastal complex in Xuan Hai Commune, Song Cau District covering 100 hectares.



Tuy Hoa Hotel


The local authorities are seeking investment for the USD$11.25 million 3 star 150-200 room 3 hectare hotel.



Ganh Da Dia tourist investment project



Vung Lam tourist investment project



Vung Ro Complex tourist investment project





Khanh Hoa




Capital:           Nha Trang City


Districts :        Van Ninh, Ninh Hoa, Dien Khanh, Cam Ranh, Khanh Vinh, Khanh Son, Trung Sa (Spratly Islands) archipelago.


Ethnicgroups : Viet (Kinh), Raglai, Ede, Gie Trieng, Cham.



Khanh Hoa gradually lowers from west to east with mountains, hills, delta, coastline and islands. The coast stretches for 200 km with 200 large and small islands, including the 100 island Truong Sa district. Nha Trang is a leading holiday destination with 7 km of long beach.




Hon Chong (Chong Islet)


Hon Chong is a small crescent shaped bay located near Nha Trang. It is a small marble peninsula with massive rocks laying on top one another. Hon Chong is divided into 2 parts. The first cluster is situated off-shore and the other is located in sand dunes near Cu Lao fishing hamlet. The offshore cluster includes layers of rocks serving as natural wave breakers. The second part, Hon Chong Promontory, located in sand dunes, looks like the work of a giant putting together several massive rocks.



Doc Let Beach


Doc Let Beach is a famous tourist site with fine, white sand. The surrounding landscape is magnificent with islets, protecting the shore from waves. Visitors can appreciate delicious sea food such as shrimp, crab, and fish. However, the nearby Japanese shipyard is causing visual as well as physical pollution to the area.



Dai Lanh Beach


The beach is located next to the border between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa Provinces, approximately 90 km from Nha Trang. Dai Lanh Beach has calm and clear blue water and soft white sand, offering perfect conditions for



Van Phong Bay


Located 50 km north of Nha Trang, Van Phong Bay consists of an 18 km long sand hill, situated between the main land and two islets. Several water activities and sports can be practiced there (scuba diving, water skiing, sailing, hunting, hiking, etc.).



Duc My Hot Springs


The hot springs are located 25 km north-west of Nha Trang close to National Highway 1. The small path leading to the stream runs through a beautiful tropical forest. The water from Duc My Hot Springs reaches 80"C (176"F) and it is said to have medicinal properties that can cure several ailments.



Ba Ho


Located 25 km from Nha Trang, Ba Ho consists of several rapids and pools taking their source on the peak of Hon Son Mountain. The natural landscape is of utmost interest and attracts a lot of visitors.



Fairy Stream


The Fairy Stream is located in the southern area of Dien Khanh District, more than 20 km from Nha Trang. Its current starts from Hon Ba Mountains. The stream flows down gorges, surrounding trees and crossing valleys; before flowing down to Suoi Tien village, the stream meets a natural dam and divides into two branches. One going north to the rice fields and another



Truong Xuan Hot Stream


The hot stream is located in Ninh Tay Village, approximately 50 km north of Nha Trang. The temperature of the water is 76"C (168.8"F). The water contains necessary minerals for the human body. The precious natural mineral water is processed into beverages or used for its medicinal properties. Visitors to the hot stream can also visit the area where they can learn more about the lifestyle of the E De and Ra Glai ethnic groups.







Van Phong Bay


In late 2003 the Vietnam National Administration for Tourism (VNAT) announced that is was seeking government approval to turn Van Phong Bay into a tourism zone for the long-term benefit of the tourism industry following a US investor’s proposal to lease the bay and Hon Gom Peninsula for 99 years, to develop a mammoth tourism complex worth USD$26-29 billion and turning the bay and the peninsula into a “new Hong Kong.” The authority says the bay holds great tourism potential as it has beautiful scenery and convenient conditions for recreation. Van Phong Bay has many white sand beaches with clear water and the sea is almost calm around the year. It is home to different coral reef species and is ideal for scuba diving. Its northern part has a mangrove forest with many secular trees, which is one of the most precious mangrove forests still in existence in Central Vietnam. However, in late 2004 the Deputy PM announced the government’s intention to make Van Phong Bay an international container port and a new economic zone at a cost to central government of USD3.6 billion by 2020 for developing infrastructure facilities including a railway network, an electricity system and a wharf. In May 2004 the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism spent about USD$4 million building an 18.6 kilometer road between National Highway 1a and Van Phong Bay. Sumitomo Corporation wants to develop the entire Economic Zone with other (Japanese) companies, with a staggering investment capital of some USD$16 billion. The zone covers 150,000 hectares of land and water surface. Van Phong is 70 kilometers north of Nha Trang City. Besides water and corals the bay has more natural attractions. It is home to magnificent mountains with almost untouched forests and lovely beaches, and it is the habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals. The bay is also known for Hon Ong, Dam Mon and Bai Nhau. Most of these places remain relatively deserted. Other islands in the bay include Hon Lon, Hon Do, Ganh Da, Bai Lach, Bai Me and Bai Ong Co, and there are fishing villages, lobster-breeding cages and pearl oyster-raising areas. The province is soon due to start building the Hoa Son reservoir to bring fresh water to Van Phong at a cost of about USD$11 million.



Nha Phu Bay & Lang & Ro Islets


Nha Phu is one of two large bays in Khanh Hoa and the peaceful waters and pretty scenery have definitely caught the developer's eye. The bay stretches for miles and boasts a chain of islands, beautiful beaches and several resorts. The biggest of these islands is Hon Lao, so named because of its javelin shape, but it's also called Monkey Island owing to the thousand or so simian inhabitants. Some visitors have described the area as a "paradise on earth" because of its tranquility and natural charms. Nha Phu, Lang, Ro and other islets are only approachable by boat from Da Chong Wharf in Nha Trang which takes about 20 minutes to go nearly 20 kilometers north. This islet is said to have been the home of the Cham people hundreds of years ago.



North Cam Ranh Peninsula Tourism Complex


The US expanded the bay into a military seaport during the American War and in 2002 the Ministry of Defense transferred the rights for use of a part of the Cam Ranh airport to the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam. A Cam Ranh airport terminal is to be built soon and is expected to receive 1.5 million passengers per year. By early 2007 some 38 investors have registered to spend around USD$1 billion developing tourism projects in the North Cam Ranh Peninsula. Most investors are Vietnamese but a South Korea investor has registered to develop a USD$20 million project. The authority expect the first 3 projects worth nearly USD$100 million to be open in a couple of years. The province plans to spend around USD$65 million developing infrastructure in the area by 2010. The North Cam Ranh Peninsula tourism complex is planned to become a national tourism area and is one of the two main tourism complexes in the province covering around 1,300 hectares. The provincial government plans to develop sea-lined resorts, sea sport areas, hotels, an international trade, office and financial centers on 70 hectares. The North Cam Ranh Peninsula Tourism Complex Authority has finished a master development plan for the complex.



Cam Ranh Villa Complexes


In mid 2004 the People’s Committee announced details of 3 high quality villa zones in the Cam Ranh Peninsula : -



  1. D15 spans more than 18 hectares at the foot of Hon Troc mountain, and will accommodate 500-600 residents.


  1. D16 will cover about 59 hectares in Cam Hai Deng Commune and will accommodate 1,500-2,000 residents.


  1. D17 is next to D16 and spans 42 hectares and will accommodate 1,300-1,500 residents.



Bai Dai Beach, Cam Ranh Peninsula


In early 2005 local authorities announced a masterplan for high-end hotel and tourism development along Bai Dai beach in Cam Ranh Town. The plan proposed nearly 1,600 hectares of land be devoted to hotel and residential development. The Institute for Urban Planning in Rural Areas estimated the cost of developing the entire area into a top class tourism and residential complex would be more than USD$3 billion. The area was quickly fully licenced to 52 hotel and resort developers. Each resort is at least 10 hectares and the rent was about VND2 billion / USD$129,000 for each 10 hectares per year, which was considered relatively high ie USD$0.775/pa or USD$38.75 for 50 years.



Cam Ranh Bay


More than 50 developers had come to talk with local government with plans to build luxury resorts in Cam Ranh.



International Tourism Town, Cam Ranh


In mid 2007 the Khanh Hoa government revealed a master zoning plan for an international tourism town covering on 1,007 hectares in Cam Ranh. Investors can register projects stretching from the Hon Troc Mountain to the military zone on Nhua Duong Hill.



West Nha Trang New Urban Area 2,000he 200,000 pop


At the end of 2007 the province's Department of Construction disclosed the zoning plan for a new administrative and residential town covering over 2,000 hectares west of Nha Trang City. The urban area will home to 200,000 people in 2020.



Van Ninh District


The Ha Dang minority people live in the offshore Van Ninh District. They have been separated from the mainland for generations, and in fact only became officially known to the rest of Vietnam after the country reunited in 1975. The village island is among the few primitive communities left in Vietnam. Seen from a boat, Dam Mon in Van Phong Bay is wonderful scenery. The coast is lined with white sandy beaches and fishing villages resting under the green foliage of coconut palms. On the skyline are majestic mountains. It takes an hour to sail from Dam Mon to Xuan Dung Village. It is nicknamed "Crusoe Village" because of its isolation from the outside world. In the midday sunlight, the village is as beautiful as a painting. The seawater is so pure that a person dare not walk there for fear that the sand stirred by the feet may destroy the purity of the water. The villagers here are sturdy. Their dark complexion, curly hair, somewhat protruding eyes and harsh voices are the first impressions a visitor has. These Ha Dang people, as their mainland countrymen call them, speak Vietnamese and have Vietnamese names. Many Ha Dang families have married their children to Vietnamese on the mainland. According to an official with the Khanh Hoa Province Service of Culture and Information, there are no confirmed documents on the origin of the Ha Dang people. Some sources claim they originated from the Cham people; others report that they are descendants of a Filipino race that drifted to and settled in Vietnam.



Hon Tam Island



Tri Nguyen Lake



Hon Lao - Hon Thi - Hon Heo Tourism Complex



Hon Mun Conservation Area







Rusalka Golf Resort & Ocean Spa


The Rusalka scandal reached a new level in mid 2006 when the head of Khanh Hoa Department of Natural Resources and Environment was arrested by police on allegations of corruption. He was alleged to have asked provincial leaders to grant Rusalka land use without a lease, which paved the way for the 36 chairman of the developer, Rus-Invest-Tur, to cheat partners of about USD$13.5 million to acquire land to build 3 more resorts in Cam Ranh, Ninh Thuan, and the Van Xuan luxury resort & 92 villa Rose Garden on Dong Da Hill in Dalat. It is reported that he gave bribes of up to USD$700,000 to lubricate the whole licensing and development procedures. The Rusalka was license by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) in 2000 to develop a luxury resort covering 45 hectares in Bai Tien beach, Nha Trang worth USD$15 million including a 5 star resort with a beach frontage and 114 rooms in a setting reminiscent of a Vietnamese minority village with Champa touches; four restaurants serving Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and international cuisine; a and boutique resort featuring 68 villas in a valley nearby. All villas were gto have a private area with their own swimming pools and a 9 hole golf course.



Yang Bay Falls Golf & Tourist Park


In early 2005 the Khanh Viat Company (Khatoco) started construction on the 570 hectare Yang Bay Falls Tourism Park 40km from Nha Trang with an investment of USD$38 million. The park will include an amusement area, a water park and a golf course. The waterfall is more splendid and beautiful than most you might have seen. Its name, which means "smoke and dew of heaven" in the Raglay language, is Yang Bay and it's high up in the hills where the air is fresh and cool and the spray thrown in all directions creating a screen of zillions of tiny water drops deep in the valley. Yang Bay was known only to woodcutters and a few other locals until 7 years ago and certainly didn't appear on any tourist map, mainly thanks to its inaccessibility. But the authorities decided to build a road and the local state company Khatoco have spent USD$1.3 million turning the "sleeping beauty" into Yang Bay Tourism Park. The paved road to the falls goes through a manicured bamboo forest planted 3 years ago and now containing small cement mushrooms, bamboo bridges, green grass and a variety of flowers. The water that flows over Yang Bay cascades down to the Cai River, the one that Nha Trang bestrides. Along the way are delightful pools where the water is so clear that the pebbles on the bottom are as obvious as day. Not only the sounds of the descending falls, you can also hear a lithophone, a musical instrument comprising 5 slabs of stone that hang under the falls and make pleasing tones when the water hits them. To discover Yang Bay's upper section requires clambering up a hand-hewn staircase to the beautiful pools of Ho Me (Mother Lake) and Ho Con (Child Lake), but few tourists bother to make the effort. Usually people stop at the second or third pool then find a good flat rock to sit on and indulge themselves in the fresh air amid the sound of cascading water. If you don't like trekking then you can always wade across the shallows at the base and investigate the forest on the other side. There you can lie down on carpets of grass or fallen leaves under the shadow of giant trees as a reward for making the trip to the most beautiful waterfall in Khanh Hoa.



Sumitomo Complex


In mid 2007 Japan's Sumitomo Corp announced that it was considering investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the Van Phong Economic Zone. The Japanese company has already sent proposals for a USD$600 million international transshipment port, together with tourism services, industry and other sectors.



Bai Duong Hotel


In late 2003 the Cam Ranh Tourism Development Shareholding Company announced plans to build a 4 star beachside resort on about 2.5 hectares in Cam Ranh at a cost of about USD$8 million called Bai Dong. It will have bungalows, villas, a nature reserve and entertainment and sports areas.



Ngoc Suong Resort, Cam Ranh Peninsula


In mid 2005 the Vietnamese French Ngoc Suong Joint Stock Co, the owner of the Ngoc Suong restaurant chain, announced plans to invest USD$12.7 million to build a resort covering 120 hectares in Cam Lap north of Cam Ranh Peninsula. The company will build 50 bungalows and 30 No 4 star villas. An Australian company will design the project which will have 20 bungalows in the 30 hectare fist phase. In mid 2007 the province licensed the company to develop a USD$16 million eco-tourism project including hotels and resorts in Cam Ranh Town. The 50-year project covers some 58 hectares in Binh Lap and Nuoc Ngot Hamlets in Cam Lap Commune.



PVFC & Hoa Binh Corp Complex


In mid 2007 Hoa Binh Construction & Real Estate Co signed an agreement with the PetroVietnam Finance Co to make it a strategic partner in the development of a complex in downtown Nha Trang. With a total investment of USD$70 million, the project will build a trade centre and a 36 floor 5 star hotel.



Eden Bay-Eden Roc Villas-Ca Mau Cape-Azur Ecoresort


In mid 2007 the Ngoc Song Corporation was licenced to develop an eco-tourist project in Cam Ranh. The corporation will invest nearly USD$15.9 million in the 50 year project that will comprise hotels and resorts covering some 58 hectares in Binh Lap and Nuoc Ngot Hamlet in Cam Lap Commune. The 1st Phase covers a complex of resorts named Eden and Ca Tien, Hotel Azur and Eden Roc Villas. The 2nd Phase will include resorts and villas in the beaches of Ha Lao, Con and Nuoc Ngot.



Song Hong Cam Ranh Resort


In mid 2007 the Song Hong Construction Joint Stock Co (Incomex) announced plans to invest over USD$25 million in the Song Hong-Cam Ranh Resort. Sang Hong-Cam Ranh Resort will be built on a site of 16 hectares on the Cam Ranh Peninsula and will include shopping and tourism services, a hotel-resort and villas.



Van Phong Residential Area


Korea’s M Venture Co, Chitoworld Co and businessmen Shin Yong Kyu, Hong Shung Hyeok and Kim Tae Han plan to setup a venture in Van Thang Commune in Van Ninh District called Shinsojae Energy to build infrastructure for Van Ninh Industrial Park covering 144 hectares and a 120 hectare residential area in Van Phong, 65 kilometers from Nha Trang. The housing area for workers and foreign experts will feature a clinic, school and green park.



T&M Van Phong Resort


In early 2008 the T&M Van Phong Investment and Tourism Joint-Stock Company was licensed to the affiliate of T&M Trans (Trading and Multimodal Transport) International Group of Companies, a private non-vessel operating common carrier. T&M Van Phong will invest USD$230 million to develop the Hon Ngang-Bai Cat Tham sea tourism and entertainment project on 295 hectares of land and 160 hectares of water surface in Van Thanh Commune in Van Ninh District. With a licensed period of 50 years, the project in Dam Mon village will consist of three main sections with around 1,950 hotel and resort rooms. In Section A will be the 132 hectare Hon Ngang center, including a shopping center, a beach, an entertainment facility, a pier and 2 luxury resorts. Section B will be home to the 103 hectare Bai Cat Tham water-front relaxation area, which will comprise four high-class resorts of 4-5 star standard, 4 rehabilitation facilities of 3-4 star rating, 2 coastal service facilities and an entertainment park. Section C will be for a picnicking area covering 60 hectares and called Nui Ca Ong. The project will be developed in 3 phases. In the first phase from 2008 to 2010, T&M Van Phong will develop 2 hotel clusters for sea and mountain tourism with a total of 250 five-star rooms and other supporting facilities at a total cost of USD$36.25 million. In phase two lasting from 2010 to 2015, the company will spend another USD$75.25 million building 500 rooms for 4 resorts, an entertainment facility called Hon Ngang, and an area for field trips. The last phase will see the firm pouring USD$122 million more in the project to construct 1,200 resort and hotel rooms.



Best Western Nha Trang Plaza


In mid 2006 construction began on the Nha Trang Plaza Hotel with 150 rooms, conference facilities and restaurants. The hotel will be managed and marketed by Best Western. The Ho Chi Minh City based Hai Van Nam Joint Stock Company will spend USD$12 million to build the hotel.



VinaCapital Van Phong Bay Resorts


Vinacapital plans to build 3 hotel complexes at a cost of USD$100 million on 300 hectares in the bay's central island.



Vietcan Doc Let Resort


Canadian based Vietcan Tourism is considering a project on 70 hectares of land in the Doc Let area southwest of Van Phong bay.



Outrigger Hotel, Tran Phu


The Outrigger, licensed in 1994 and built by Hasley Development, was a 14 storey sea-view property with registered investment capital of USD$8 million. However, only the foundations were completed before the developer pulled out due to lack of funds. Local company Dong Hai bought out the project in 2001. Now known as the Oriental Nha Trang Hotel, the company invested USD$13 million building the 198 room property.



Novotel Nha Trang


In early 2008 Accor announced plans to open a Novotel at the end of 2008.



Diamond Bay


In mid-2008 Hoan Cau Co announced plans for a high class resort named Diamond Bay south of Nha Trang City. The USD$500 million resort will be a complex of 5 star hotels, a trade and exhibition center, a multi-purpose 7,500 seat stage and an 18 hole golf course.







Tam Huong-Bai Dai Tourist Complex


In late 2003 the 200 hectare luxury complex 35km east of Nha Trang was licenced in Bai Dai Village in Cam Ranh Town. The USD$9.6 million resort covers 10 hectares at the eastern end of the beach and will have a 14 storey hotel, 5 tourism villages, 31 villas, 56 rooms, an entertainment centre and leisure parks. However, it was not until mid 2007 that the Tam Huong Trading & Tourism Co commenced construction of the 10 hectare resort in the Bai Dai D4B plot in Cam Lam District.



Oriental Nha Trang Hotel


In 2004 the East Ocean company built the USD$28 million combined 4 star 252 room 27 floor hotel, office and apartment building on 3,000 square meters at 26-28 Tran Phu Street after the Australian company Alpha Ong sold its stake in mid 2004 to the Ho Chi Minh City Volunteer Youth Investment & Construction Company (CINCO). The Lucky Star Complex was planned as 2 hotels an an apartment block with 621 rooms and apartments overlooking Nha Trang Bay. nce completed, the project will include 1.2 hectares at 32-34 Tran Phu Street and provide result in 582 hotel guest rooms and 163 apartments.



TD Plaza, Nha Trang


The TD Plaza mall is part of the hotel and residential complex at 20 Tran Phu, a beachfront street overlooking Nha Trang Bay. The complex is designed with 1,400 square metres of retail space for lease, with monthly rental rates ranging between USD$14 to $26/sqm. The ground and first floors will sell international apparel and fashion accessories, the second will house the food court and a supermarket while the third floor will provide leisure and lifestyle services. Rising above the retail podium will be 2 towers with 288 hotel rooms, 122 apartments and 4,140 sqm of office space. The total construction area is 47,569 sqm and the project is estimated to cost USD$30 million.



An Vien (ex) Phu Quy Green Complex


By mid 2007 the An Vien Company, the developer of the 71 hectare Phu Quy residential and tourism complex, had sold 90% of its 400 land plots for constructing new villas, ranging of 180, 500 and 1,000 sqm per unit. The selling price was USD$562-1000 per square meter. The An Vien apartment complex stretches 2.2 kilometers along the beach south of Tran Phu Street, about 5 minutes' drive from the center of Nha Trang City and will boast a 1,000 metre long marina comprising a tourist wharf and the country's first international private yacht club which once completed will be able to accommodate a large cruise ship and 50 sailing boats. Stakeholders in An Vien are also the owners of Vincom City Towers, a shopping and office complex in Hanoi and VinPearl Land, a complex of 500 hotel rooms and entertainment facilities on Hon Tre island of Nha Trang.  A sea crossing cable car connects Phu Quy with Hon Tre island, where a whole raft of facilities are being developed. These include an amphitheatre, golf course, shopping district and spa. Phu Quy will be developed like the French Riviera or Australia’s Gold Coast.


Specification : Total Project Area – 71.46 hectares; Land Area – 53.03 hectares; Sea Area – 18.43 hectares. Investment of approximately USD$20 million into the project’s infrastructure & major site works including ground leveling; power & water supply; drainage; wastewater processing systems; roadway; communications and landscaping. Project to include : The Landmark “Diamond” Resort Hotel - 5 hectares;  Deluxe Villas & Hotels – 5 hectares. There are a total of 5 large land plots of 1 hectare each which can be developed as a whole or sub-divided into 1,000 square meter sites; Boutique Villas & Hotels – 12.3 hectares. The plots are closely integrated with other functional facilities via a well designed 3-artery series of wide open streets with widths of 13.5 metres, 21.25 metres and 32 metres respectively ; Commercial & Service Centres – 1.62 hectares; Public Service & Recreation Centres including a Community Centre; Cultural Centre for arts, cinemas, theatres, etc; Relaxation & Healthcare Centres; Speciality Shopping; and Vietnam’s first international Yacht Club & Marina – 1,000 metre length.



Evason Ana Mandara Resort & Spa, Nha Trang


Six-Senses has run the award-winning Ana Mandara Resort, a wholly Vietnamese-owned boutique property, since 1998. The 68 room resort has been voted among the top 23 resorts in Asia by Travel and Leisure USA, a key travel guide for luxury resorts. It also won the prestigious Conde Nast USA award for top three resorts in Asia together with Four Seasons and Sayan Bali at Ritz Carlton Bali. It has an occupancy of over 95% even in the low tourist season. The property was initially developed as a joint venture between Khanh Hoa Investment and Trading Company and Singaporean partners. However, the foreign partners withdrew from the resort.



VinPearl Resort


The resort opened in early 2007 and has 500 beach style guest rooms, 8 honeymoon villas and 2 presidential suites as well as meeting facilities, bars and restaurants, a nightclub, gaming centre and a karaoke lounge. The developers plan to build an 18 hole golf course and clubhouse and a marina and will offer bowling, squash, tennis and archery facilities. Water sports are on offer, including fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Incorporated into its lush tropical gardens is an extensive beachfront swimming pool. A large health club, whose design was inspired by the ancient Cham culture, provides traditional treatments, state-of-the art fitness equipment, massage facilities, sauna, steam room and a hot tub. At the end of 2007 the developers once again changed resort management company, this time switching from Accor to Vinpearl Hotel Management Company, a company set up by Vinpearl Trade & Tourism Shareholding Company with a registered capital of nearly USD$125 million to provide consultancy services for managing, operating and investing in hotels, resorts, buildings, trade centers and supermarkets.


At the end of 2007 Vinpearl Trade & Tourism Shareholding Company started work on the first 6 star hotel in Vietnam on Hon Tre Island covering 25 hectares with 150 rooms.



Evason Hideaway, Ninh Van Bay Island


The USD$7 million 25 hectare Hideaway branded resort has 56 villas of 154 to 176 square meters including 6 spa suites and one presidential villa, a restaurant and a bar. Every villa will have such facilities as wine cellar, foyer and mini bar. The property is managed by Bangkok based Six Senses Hotels, Resorts & Spa. Access to Ninh Van Bay is via 15 minutes speed boat. Evason Hideaway stretches 2 kilometers along the beach embracing the bay, a pleasant distance for a bicycle ride through paths winding in the jungle. The owner made use of the natural terrain to build a resort structured and decorated with wood and bamboo and roofed with leaves. Some were built on the mountainside, some near the beach and some on rocks reaching to the water's edge. It seems that very few iron nails were used in the construction of the villas. During their stay vacationers can swim in the cool water, enjoy the services of the spa, go fishing, row in the bay or take a tour exploring the region. When night falls upon the bay, oil lamps and lights are lit along the beach, making the entire resort sparkle in pale yellow. Nothing can be heard except the sound of waves drift against the shore and insects clicking in the jungle. The cost for experiencing a night on the bay is from USD$550-$2,000++ for a villa and the average occupancy reported at 65%. The key feature differentiating the new Evason Hideaway from other resorts, including the Ana Mandara, also run by Six-Senses in Nha Trang, is that it has a total of 55 swimming pools, one for each villa and a main pool for all guests.



Hoan Cau Hotel, Tran Phu


The Hoan Cau Company invested USD$24 million in an 18 floor property next to the Yasaka Hotel in 2004 comprising a 4 star hotel and shopping center in Nha Trang.



Sunrise Beach Resort


The Khanh Hoa Trading & Investment Company developed the 120 room Sunrise Beach resort.



Truong Xuan Hot-Springs Resort


The Truong Xuan Hot-Spring Resort by the Phuong Mai Shareholding Company opened to the public in 2005, becoming the province's second spa resort after Thap Ba in Nha Trang City. Facilities include mud bathing, steam bathing, and hotel accommodation.



Thap Ba Hot-Springs Resort, Nha Trang


The Hot Springs located 10km from the Nha Trang centre are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and make an ideal retreat for people looking for serenity and silence. The hot springs complex also has a mineral waterfall and swimming pool and offers relaxing and de-stressing mineral mud baths and water massages.



Crystal Resort, Nha Trang


In 2004 the Crystal resort in Nha Trang by the state owned Khanh Hoa Investment & Trade Company opened. The first wing of the resort, built on Tran Phu Street and overlooking Nha Trang Bay, will be followed by a second wing. The resort was initially designed as a 3 star 100 room property but was developed to meet 4 star standardcentrs.



Ho Na Golf Resort


In mid-2008, the province's Van Phong Economic Zone's Management Board granted an investment certificate to Ho Chi Minh City based M&C Joint Stock Company to develop the USD$83 million Ho Na tourism area. The 150 hectare site is located in the east of the Hon Gom peninsula and will house sport facilities, entertainment, golf courses and commercial and service centres. The first stage will cost of USD$25 million.



Song Lo Eco-Tourism Area


Approved in 2003.



Hon Ba Resort


Opened in 2003



Van Phong Bay Resort


Developed on the Hon Gom Peninsula (Van Ninh).



Polo Beach International Resort


Hong Kong’s Polo Beach International Ltd wants to develop a USD$900 million project on Phu Quy Island.




Ninh Thuan




Capital:           Phan Rang Town


Districts :        Ninh Hai, Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Son


Ethnicgroups : Viet (Kinh), Cham Raglai, Coho, Hoa.




Ninh Chu Beach


Ninh Chu in Ninh Hai District is 6km east of Phan Rang-Thap Cham Town. Ninh Chu is one of the 9 most beautiful beaches of Vietnam. The beach, which is l0km long, is arch-shaped and flat. The water is very blue and clear, and the sand is white. The whole place looks amazing in sunshine. The atmosphere is airy and peaceful. Around the beach are the willow forest and mountains like Da Chong, Tan An and Ca Du. These places are very ideal for sports activities. The beach used to be reserved for the exclusive use of high ranking officials of the Saigon regime.



Vinh Hy Cape


Vinh Hy Bay is still a wild and lonely place nearly 40km north-east of Phan Rang Town. The sleepy beauty of Vinh Hy Vinh Hy Bay, some 40 kilometers northeast of Phan Rang Munici¬pality, the capital of Ninh Thuan, is one of the new stopovers on tours to the central coast. The bay, just north of Cam Ranh Bay, is often compared to a beauty who has just woken up after a long sleep. Here nature and scenery remain largely untouched, though the bay's fame is increasing and with it, the tourists arrivals. Mountains and caves surround Vinh Hy. The waters are always calm, the beaches white. The bay is very attractive thanks to its terrain which is full of natural obstacles. It has one part reaching out to the sea and the remaining 3 parts being forests. Around the bay are mountains and caves. The bay is very clean and is free from pollution. To visit Vinh Hy Bay, tourists will take a boat driven by local fishermen. At present, traveling around the beach to sightsee the coral reefs and colorful fish down the sea bottom is a great outdoor activity. Tourists can also dive 5 meters deep to watch beautiful sea-scapes, with beautiful fish and coral reefs of various shapes and sizes. Vinh Hy is one of the bays in Vietnam which still have its primeval charms, which will seduce any visitors. But reservoirs in Vinh Hai Commune are rarely full because little rain falls in Ninh Thuan each year so that most parts of the province are like deserts. Walking around Vinh Hy, one can see sand and feel the sun and wind in every corner so the residents are still poor and have limited access to education.







Saigon Ninh Chu Pavel Resort


In 2005 the HCMC based Pavel Trading & Service Company, comprising District 1 Housing Service & Development, Ninh Thuan Lottery, Ninh Thuan Salt, Dam Vua Salt, Vinh Long Food and Ninh Thuan People's Committee, began constructing a resort worth USD$6.2 million. The USD$7.5 million hotel is hoping tourist traffic will drift up from Phan Thiet. The Saigon Ninh Chu will be built around the existing 48 room Ninh Chu Hotel. The 2 star 4.5 hectare hotel with a total construction area of 26,980sqm will add 109 more rooms, a 300 seat conference hall, a tennis court and a small golf driving range to renovate and upgrade the facility. The hotel is nestled among beaches, mountains, rivers and rice fields, and will have restaurants, meeting rooms and entertainment facilities. It is close to Vinh Hy Bay, Cham towers and traditional handicraft villages in Khanh Hai, Ninh Hai District. The resort will have 3 sections : -



1.      Section A will be lot shopping, lodging, entertainment and sports; and



2.      Section B, resorts; and



3.      Section C, public facilities.



The investors have asked for another 20 hectares to set up separate sections for sports and picnicking. The hotel was one of the first state owned enterprises to be privatised. In the 3 years to 2005 the hotel has earned USD$649,000 with average annual growth of 17%.



Mai Linh's Ca Na Resort


In mid 2007 Mai Linh Corporation broke ground on the Mai Linh rest stop in the Ca Na seaside resort area to be built at a total cost of USD$8.8 million. Mai Linh is co-operating with the Hai Ninh Tourist Company on the USD$2.5 million rest stop which will include a petrol station, restaurant, car park, and souvenir shops. Mai Linh will invest about USD$6.3 million in the Ca Na resort area including luxury villas, a convention centre, restaurants, and sports and entertainment areas.



Binh Son Beach Marine Tourism Complex


In late 2005 the HCM City based Cong Nong Company announced plans to develop a marine tourist complex at Binh Son beach in Phan Rang City. The USD$31.5 million project will have a resort, a marine park and recreation facilities.



Hoan Cau Resort


The Hoan Cau Tourist Park is on the seaside in Binh Son.






The province has plans to develop 5 major seaside resorts and nature reserves with each covering hundreds of hectares and having particular ecological features. Cultural tourism also hold strong growth potential as the province is home to the largest population of Cham ethnic people and many works characterised by Cham's architecture, which remain intact. Given its ecological diversity, Ninh Thuan can develop ecological plus historical tourism as well, especially in the Song Trau Lake area in Ninh Hai District and the Ba Chi-Ma Trai plain covering hundreds of hectares and housing the Rak Lay ethnic people. Two key projects include : -



Plans for a resort in Vinh Hy Cape, which will stretch 100 hectares in the core and 50 hectares in the buffer zone, and require an investment of between USD$20-30 million.



Plans for a resort in Mui Dinh Beach near Ca Na Beach. This is a 500 hectare area mostly covered in the sand, with some sand dunes as high as 30 metres. The provincial government wants this resort to include such facilities as horse and dog racing courses, sailing and hotel facilities. Investment is estimated at some USD$65 million.



HMEE Resort


In early 2005 the Ha Noi Materials & Electrical Equipment Company received the go-ahead to develop a USD$31.8 million resort on 176 hectares in Vinh Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District. The project would comprise a 3 star 300 room hotel with 300 bungalows, a horse and dog racing track, a 9 hole golf course and a wave surfing zone. HMEE originally planned to invest only USD$19.1 million. The resort is now envisaged covering 150 hectares of Vinh Hai Commune in Ninh Hai District. The investment capital will increase to USD$64 million.



Saigonbank Comlex


In late 2004 some 21 hectares of land at Phan Rang Town was surveyed by a consortium of Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank and the Industry Agriculture Company with 2 American banks for building a high end tourist resort. The consortium wanted to lease an area of about 80 hectares to build a tourist and residential complex. However, the 50 hectare residential area will be considered separately. The consortium has planned to invest USD$150 million for building the complex including bungalows along 1,500 meters of seaside, areas of recreation, medical treatment and convalescence, a traditional trade village, shopping centers, supermarkets, and so forth. For the residential area, the investors want part of a 297 hectare zone which is zoned for development as a new urban area.



Red Coral Resort


In early 2005 the Song Viet Trading company received approval to build a resort on Binh Son Beach in the provincial capital Phan Rang. The resort, named Red Coral, will cover 20 hectares and comprise 44 bungalows, a 4 star hotel with more than 200 rooms, a water sports section, and a house exhibiting coral and sea creatures. The project is expected to be capitalised at between USD$9.5-$12.7 million.



Den Gion Ninh Chu Resort


A luxury 50 room resort development.



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