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Tony Milton MRICS

BSc (Hons) Est Man

Tourism - South
Monday, 16 March 2009




Binh Thuan Province



Capital:           Phan Thiet City


Districts :        Tuy Phong, Bac Binh, Ham Thuan Bac, Ham Thuan Nam, Ham Tan,

Duc Linh, Tanh Linh, Phu Qui


Ethnicgroups : Viet (Kinh), Hoa, Co Ho, Chu Ru.



Phan Thiet City



The city is expected to blossom into one Vietnam's next urban tourism hotspots with a projected population of 350,000 by 2025. Under the current scheme, Phan Thiet will comprise an urban center, surrounded by 9 protectorates 4 catering to tourism; 2 to industry and trade services; and 3 to education, sports and administration. Under the proposed plan through 2025, Phan Thiet City's population will have increased by 150,000 over a 20 year period, at which point the city will cover 6,960 hectares. The 4 areas zoned for tourism are : -



  1. Ham Thuan Nam-Lagi for developing into a complex of large scale resorts covering 20-500 hectares each


  1. Hoa Thuag-Bac Binh-Tuy Phong


  1. Cau Island for turning the 132 hecatre island, about 7 kilometers from the mainland, into an entertainment with casino services.


  1. Tuy Phong-Hoa Thanh 800 hectare new town : In early 2007 the province approved a master plan for developing a new tourism town in Tuy Phong District's Binh Thanh Commune covering nearly 800 hectares or one-third of the total area of the commune into a modern tourism town. Of the zoned area, nearly 110 hectares will be developed into a section of villas and resorts plus commercial facilities. The town will comprise luxury facilities to offset weaknesses at Mui Ne in Phan Thiet, where there are many small-scale resorts.



Ham Thuan Nam District, covering Khe Ga and Hon Lan areas, is ideal for 5 star resort projects as it is home to Bung Thi Hot Springs, Ta Cu Mountain and other sites, and perhaps Khe Ga and Hon Lan are even better than around Mui Ne Cape because they have unspoiled beaches, beautiful rocks, and are closer to HCMC (It takes about 4-5 hours by car or about 200 km).



In 2007 a luxury train connecting Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang via Phan Thiet and Phan Rang was introduced offering travellers a touch of class for trips along its southern coast. The Class A provides private cabins at about USD$162 per cabin for a maximum of 4 passengers; Class B offer shared cabins with 4 sleeping berths for about USD$40 per bed; Classes C & Class D offer sofas and adjustable seats with 4 LCD TVs in each carriage for between USD$23-30 per seat. The train also features a restaurant carriage, a massage carriage and multipurpose carriage, which can be used for meetings or parties. Currently, the “V-Train” travels daily from Ho Chi Minh City at 11.1 5pm, returning from Nha Trang at 11.30am. it arrives at Phan Thiet station (about 30 minutes drive from Mui Ne at about 3 am).


Cape Mui Ne



Mui Ne is located 24 km east of Phan Thiet. It was a fishing village but is increasingly becoming a tourist area as there are many resorts but most are quite small with an area of less than 2 hectares, and their restricted physical size and / or levels of staff services’ often fail to meet guests' demands. Cap Ne (French) is on Highway 706 and features sweeping sand dunes and beautiful rows of palm trees. The beach is shallow and sloped, the water is normally clean and blue and the sun rarely hides behind clouds. There are still some desolate and primeval beaches that are undeveloped as well as imposing landscapes. There are also some giant sand dunes which have long been the creative subject of artists and photographers. Besides beaches and sand dunes, there are also beautiful landscapes such as Suoi Tien (Fairy Spring), the Ong Hoang Building and the Poshanu Cham Tower (about 5km out of Phan Thiet on the way to Mui Ne).



Vinh Hao - Tuy Phong



Tuy Phong is a northern district in Binh Thuan, close to Ninh Thuan in Ca Na. located on the trans-Vietnam highway. Tuy Phong famous for the Vinh Hao mineral water stream. Its coast is over 50 km long, and features Vinh Hao resort. Lao Cau Islet, Ghanh Son Island, and historical vestiges such as Co Thach Pagoda


Phu Quy Island



Phu Quy Island district is 56 nautical miles (100 km) from Phan Thiet, and is 32 square km wide and the authorities have plans to turn its beautiful sandy beaches, forests and pristine landscapes into one of the most-visited sites in the central region. Phu Quy has also been known as Cu Lao Thu (Mackerel Island). Local residents say that the island was named that because viewed from the north the island looks like a giant mackerel emerging on the sea. Phu Quy received its first residents in the 5th Century and became populous in the 15th Century. Nature offers Phu Quy a lot of beautiful landscapes with the shores of all white sand, the transparent water of sapphire color and the rows of casuarina trees rustling in the blowing wind. The waters off Phu Quy are the most important fishing grounds in Binh Thuan, abounding in a diversity of marine products such as squid, snapper, grouper, tuna and sharks. Phu Quy covers around 32 square kilometers and is surrounded by 9 islets including Hon Tranh, Hon Den, Hon Trung, Hon But, Hon Nghien and Hon Trao. Hon Tranh is an attractive eco-tourist venue offering a white-sand beach, turquoise water and untapped coral reefs. The island is now home to some 4,000 households, most earning their living by catching fish and cultivating marine products. A new air-conditioned speedboat from Phan Thiet to Phu Quy can accommodate 98 passengers taking around two and a half hours. In late 2007 the Ministry of Finance issued rules extending investment incentives to Phu Quy Island. Investors committed to the island will enjoy the same tax incentives as those offered in poverty-stricken areas following a decision by the Prime Minister. Investors will pay a 10% corporate income tax for 15 years, be exempt from the tax for 4 years from the first profitable year and get to a 50% tax reduction for 9 following years.





Shisi "Disneyland" & South Fork Canyon Golf Resorts


In mid 2007 construction of one of the country’s largest tourist development projects announced more months of delays due to land clearance problems. The South Fork Twin Capes development will have an initial registered investment capital of USD$25 million. The company plans to attract 6 other investors to the USD$1 billion project: Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney, Disney's California Adventure, MGM, Warner Brothers and Hong Kong Disney. South Fork plans to develop two separate parcels of beach-front property - South Fork Canyon and South Fork Twin Capes - based on 50-year extendable leases. The developments are planned to include resorts, 2 golf courses, villas and a 6,000 seat conference centre on 600 hectares. The centre of the South Fork Twin Capes development is to feature a series of interconnected Asian-themed resorts, with a main street designed in the style of Disneyland's "Downtown Disneyland". Twin Capes will have 7 villa communities, with more than 1,000 villas planned. South Fork has also expressed interest in including casinos and shopping centres in the complex. The aim is to transform Phan Thiet into a world class resort, attracting '5 star visitors', from around the world. However, the development has faced a series of setbacks, as well as criticism from the Vietnamese authority for delays, since it received an investment licence in November 2001. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment also want to exploit ilmenite-zircon ‘black sand’ in the project area, which would have had a detrimental effect on the development's tourism projects.



Set backs to the South Fork Twin Capes project has also affected the company's second property, South Fork Canyon, also located in Phan Thiet. South Fork Canyon will cover 100 hectares and include 4 different resort and villa complexes. South Fork occupies 121.97 hectares in the Vung Mon area in the province's Bac Binh District but there are 200 local families living within the project area.



Grant Thornton Resort


In late 2004 the province agreed in principle to a project by New Century Co of Vietnam and British company Grant Thornton to jointly build an 800 hectare tourism park. A joint venture between the 2 companies has submitted to the province its plans to build the tourism park in Tan Thang Commune of Ham Tan District. The plans feature a park with entertainment and sports facilities.


PetroVietnam Resort



In early 2002 the province licenced the Vietnam Petroleum Service Company to build a resort in Ham Thuan Nam District. The facility, covering 50 hectares of land in Ban Rau Ma, is capitalized at about USD$5.2 million.



Kim Vinh Resort


In early 2003 Kim Vinh Ltd started work on the $3.75 million 3 star Kim Vinh Resort covering 7 hectares at Ha My Beach with 100 bungalows and relaxation and sports sections.



Vim Korea Resort



In early 2003 the province issued a license to a South Korean company to build a 10 hectare beach resort in Tuy Phong District. Vim Korea Co is the investor of the US$3.5 million resort, which will operate for 30 years. The company will establish Vim Korea Vina Co in Vietnam as the project owner. A foot massage section right at the seaside is part of the planned resort located in Binh Thanh Commune.



Allez Boo Phan Thiet Resort



In early 2003 the HCMC based enterprise Bien Cat, the owner of Allez Boo Saigon Restaurant in HCMC, announced plans to develop 2 seaside resorts in Phan Thiet and on Phu Quoc Island. The 2 resorts cover some 4 hectares and are estimated to need USD$3 million each. Each of the bamboo decorated resorts has bars, a restaurant and 50 guestrooms. Allez Boo Beach Phan Thiet and Allez Boo Phu Quoc will serve dishes of Thai, European and Vietnamese cuisines as well as organize picnics and boat or bicycle tours to explore Phan Thiet in the central province of Binh Thuan and Phu Quoc in Kien Giang.



SJC Resort, Ham Tan District


Saigon Jewelry Company have plans to develop a resort IN Ham Tan District.


Winvest Resort, Tuy Phong District


In mid 2004 Winvest Investment group of the US submitted a detailed plan to build an 800 hectare resort at an estimated cost of USD$300 million. The American investor wants to build the resort in a coastal area in Tuy Phong District and includes luxury accommodation facilities, entertainment complexes, a healthcare center, a convention center, a horse race track, beauty salons and an small airport. Initially they were considering a much smaller project worth USD$35 million for the site.



Vinasun Resort, Mui Ne


In mid 2004 Vinasun Corporation, which operates in restaurant, tourism and taxi services, announced plans to spend USD$6.1 million building resorts in Binh Thuan and Quang Nam. The first project is a 4 hectare resort located in Mui Ne with luxurious rooms and other auxiliary items and require total investment of USD$2.7 million. The other USD$3.4 million resort will cover 8 hectares in Tam Thanh Commune, Tam Ky District, adjacent to the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone.


Viet Uc - Resort



At the end of 2004 the Australian Viet Uc Ltd announced plans to build a resort in Binh Thuan on the coast.


Xuan A-Phu Thuy New Urban Area, Phan Thiet Town


In early 2005 work started on a commercial and residential complex north of Phan Thiet covering 42.2 hectares in Xuan An and Phu Thuy Wards at a cost of USD15.8 million.



Da Ong Dia Golf Resort, Phan Thiet


In mid 2005 provincial authorities approved a big tourism project proposed by the local Rang Dong Company. The Da Ong Dia Resort will be built on 130 hectares in Phu Hai and Ham Tien Wards of Phan Thiet Town and include a 10 storey hotel, villas, a golf course, swimming pools and other luxury facilities. Rang Dng will invest more than USD$24.1 million in this resort.



Mui Ne Seaside Resort


Mid 2005, 5,400sqm of beachfront land for sale with shady coconut gareen and secure beautiful beach.


Sao Mai Resort, Mui Ne


In late 2005 the Khanh Hoa Commercial & Investment Co began construction on the USD$3.2 million Sao Mai Tourism Resort covering 6.3 hectares in Mui Ne Commune.


Orient Resort, Phu Hai


In late 2005 the Vietnam Fisheries Construction Joint Stock Company announced plans to build the Orient Resort in Phu Hai Ward, Phan Thiet City. The coastal resort is capitalized at USD$8.25 million and will have guesthouses, restaurants, diving, fishing and skating facilities on 8.4 hectares.



Suoi Cat Resort



In mid 2006 construction on the Suoi Cat Tourism Resort in Tien Loi Commune started by the Suoi Cat Co Ltd at a cost of USD$12.56 million.  The 15 hectare resort will include a water park and other recreational facilities.



Sea Lion Resort & Spa



At the end of 2007 the tourism and trade services firm Eden opened the Sea Lion Beach Resort and Spa with an investment of around USD$8 million in developing the seaside resort on 3.5 hectares on Nguyen Dinh Chieu. The resort has 166 hotel rooms and bungalows reflecting the architectural combination of traditional Vietnamese country houses and French colonial styles, and 2 conference rooms overlooking the resort's tropical garden which can accommodate 350 guests for seminars, meetings, and other events. MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) guests are the target customers of the resort. Vacationers pre-booked 85% of the rooms and most of them were international guests, 60% of them Russians.


Poshanu Cham Towers Resort $17.65m 43he


In early 2007 Saigon Phu Hai Co got approval to build a 43 hectare tourism village featuring the culture of Cham people's Poshanu Towers. The project will cost USD$17.65 million.


Thanh Cong Resort


Thanh Cong Textile company have plans to develop a 10 hectares resort.


Seung-IL Golf Resort


In late 2007 the province licenced S.I Development Company, a joint venture between the Sai Gon Investment Company and Seung-IL, to build a complex in the Mui Ne district of Phan Thiet City. The project is expected to cover 181 hectares with investment capital of USD$34.5 million, including a golf course, a luxury resort and other tourist facilities.



21st Century Resort


In 2005 the 21st Century Joint Stock Co started work on a 10 hectare resort in the Lagi area next to Thay Thiem Palace in Tan Tien Commune. The USD$$7.5 million will have 160 beach front rooms.


Cau Island Casio Resorts


A Macao investor has said that it may spend over USD$500 million to develop casinos on Cau Island if permission can be obtained.


Sun Resort Vina Golf Complex



In mid 2007 South Korea's Oh Chan Geun announced plans to develop the 36 hole golf course in the province. The USD$90 million project, covering 329 hectares in Tan Thang Commune, Ham Tan District will include a 4 star hotel, villas, bungalows, a sports’ and entertainment area, a healthcare centre and trade facilities. Under the investor's plan, the golf course will take the biggest part with around 200 hectares.



Eden Ham Tan Resort



In early 2008 the Eden Real Estate Company - a member of the Eden Group – announced plans to begin construction on the USD$5 million Eden Ham Tan Resort covering 2.3 hectares along a pristine stretch coast of Ham Tan. Located 25 kilometers from Ta Cu Cable Car System and 1km from Thay Thiem Palace, the resort will be managed by Eden Global Holidays, another member of the Eden Group. The resort consists of two sections with a total of 43 rooms. The resort project also includes 17 single and double villas each spanning 90-170 square meters for sale and lease. The resort will house a spa, health club, seminar hall, large swimming pool, children's garden and beach volleyball area. For conferences and meetings, the resort will include a 200 square meter functional space that can be expanded when joined with the in-house restaurant. Eden Real Estate recently acquired a number of Eden Group's projects including Eden Thao Dien Villa Village, Binh Trung Dong residential area, Eden Mall, Eden Phu Quoc Resort, Eden Vung Tau Resort, Eden Binh Chanh residential area, Phuoc Kien-Nha Be residential area and Thanh My Loi residential area.



Korean Sand Dunes & Land Reclamation Complex


In early 2008, local authorities flew to the Middle East to study and observe the desert services offered in Egypt and the ocean encroachment in Dubai. The province decided to organize the trip after receiving 2 tourism project proposals from a Korean investor. The first project entails transforming the region's sand dunes into a top-notch tourist attraction complete with entertainment and services. The purpose of the trip was to evaluate whether or not the investor's project was feasible and to grasp the full extent of the proposal and its execution. "I think the sand dune project is feasible because our terrain is similar to the Sahara Desert," said the local DPI representative, adding that Mui Ne's sand dunes were suitable for entertainment services like those offered in Egypt such as all-terrain vehicle service and nighttime activities. The second project entails building facilities that encroach onto the sea, which is similar to that of Dubai. The province has expressed interest in the project, which will span 400 hectares and include golf courses, resorts and artificial rivers.



Polo Beach International’s Cali Beach



In mi-2008, the Hong Kong registered Polo Beach International submitted a plan to build a tourism complex worth USD$3.5 billion named Cali Beach on 943 hectares in Bac Binh District with 5 hotel sections of 800-1,000 rooms each and a resort area. The complex occupies a 5.5km beach front area and will have other facilities such as a golf course of 18 holes, hotels, entertainment areas, a marina, and a yacht club, a hospital, a banking outlet, and school. The US based bank Johnson Capital Group Inc will provide funding for the project.


Bac Binh Resort



A US investor has been licenced for a USD$50 million tourism complex covering 600 hectares in Bac Binh district.



Thien Hai’s Resort



In mid-2008, the province has given the green light to the domestic firm Thien Hai to develop a 107 hectare tourism project worth US$100 million in the Long Son quarter in Mui Ne of Phan Thiet City which will comprise villas, a hotel of 3-5 star standard, entertainment facilities, and other services.



Ham Tan Golf Resort



In mid-2008 Sacomreal announced villas for sale in Ham Tan. The property project will cover a total of 210 hectares and include an 18 hole golf course and a resettlement area. The developer is Saigon Ham Tan Tourism Company.



Phong Thuy Resort



In mid-2008, approval was given to the Viet Nam Australia Investment Trade Service JSC to invest USD$2 million into the 15 hectare Phong Thuy project.






Princess D'Annam Villa Resort


At the end of 2005 the Viet-Phap Tourism Co Ltd, with French shareholders, announced plans to open a boutique "villa only" resort in the pristine bay of Khe Ga. The USD$4.5 million resort and spa, which is in the untouched Hon Lan tourist area in Tan Thuah Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District, will have 36 Superior villas, 18 Deluxe villas and 3 Executive Pool villas. There will also be 2 restaurants and 5 bars. The Princess D'Annam would be developed into an international standard 5 star resort and target Americans, Japanese, Koreans, Europeans, Russians and Vietnamese business people. Viet-Phap Tourism Co also plans to develop their brand.



Mui Ne Domaine



In early 2004 the Minh Thanh Construction & Real Estate Company announced plans to build a new suburb of luxury villas located on a hilly area about 112 m from the sea and 6 km from the center of Phan Thiet in Mui Ne. Mui Ne Domaine will be built on the top of a hill facing the sea and will have restaurants, a medical centre, swimming pool and other sports facilities. A management unit will be set up to handle security. The Domaine will have 162 French styled villas, each having some 200 square metres of floor space, and 44 semi-detached houses. Construction is expected to cost USD$2.3 million. Detached villas started selling for USD$155,000 each, semi detached villas or USD$120,000 and semidetached houses for USD$75,000. Clients are well-to-do people who are looking to buy villas for vacation or lease. The company is also the developer behind Phu Hai Resort that is between Phan Thiet and Mui Ne. All the homes are designed according to French styles, specifically the designs of the meridional Cote d'Azur in southern France. Construction area will account for approximately 25% of the total space. There are 6 types of villas and 2 types of deluxe apartments, elegantly designed with 2 to 4 rooms each. Total area : 144,000sqm (14.4 hectares) and 136 plots with the greatest part of the area being reserved for green landscape and gardens.



Aquaba Resort & Villas, Mui Ne


In mid-2006, HCMC based Suoi Nuoc Company started selling its Aquaba Resort apartments, penthouses, townhouses and sea-view villas at Long Son Suoi Nuoi in Mui Ne. More than 60% of the units available were quickly snapped up. The developer is looking to up the total number of apartments, houses and villas in the resort from 105 to more than 160. Foreign and local companies and individuals have purchased the residences at the boutique beachfront resort on a long-term lease. Buyers would be granted 50 years of land use right. The Aquaba residences cost from $50,000-$200,000, $195,000-$220,000 and $500,000-$525,000 for apartments, 3 bedroom townhouses and 4 bedroom villas respectively. These costs exclude VAT, transfer fees find furniture. Local buyers can get financial support from An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank up to 70% of the total costs over a 10 year term. There are 2No. 7 floor blocks with 60 apartments, 33 town houses and 6No 4 bedroom villas overlooking the pristine beach and turquoise waters. Buyers can have their properties leased to visitors to the resort. They will earn income from their property for the days they are not at their second home as it will be put up for rent. Investors would have to pay roughly 30% of their annual income from their property for management and maintenance costs. The residences of investors and the resort will be operated by an international management group. The company is spending around USD$9.5 million to develop Aquaba into a 4 star resort. The resort's name comes from "aqua," or water, and "ba," which means three in Vietnamese. The grounds have many streams and pools.

Sea Links Phan Thiet Golf Course Villa Resort


In early 2006 the private Rang Dong Construction Co started work on Vietnam's first sand based golf course. The developer says the 2 factors making the USD$125 million Sea Links Phan Thiet golf course different were that it was the first to be built on sand dunes overlooking the sea of Ham Tien-Mui Ne area, and that it embraces the beachfront some 60 metres above sea level. The 18 hole golf course will cost about USD$10 million and cover an area of more than 132 hectares along the Ham Tien-Mui Ne coast Min north-east of Phan Thiet. It is the first golf course project in a complex of 200 luxury villas, a USD$50 million 5 star hotel and resort, shopping centre, swimming pools and other facilities. By mid 2007, after 14 months of construction, 157 villas had been sold or some 64% of 247 units on the golf resort. Each 400 square-meter villa is offered at US$250,000. All of the 247 villas in the project will be located in 4 areas, namely Sea View, Royal Garden, Paradise and Panoramic. Customers must place a USD$2,000 and after the contract is signed pay 30% of the total value, and the remainder will be paid in the course of construction. The company is selling individual, family and corporate nominee golf club membership cards costing USD$17,500-19,000.


Life Wellnes Resort Phan Thiet


In late 2006 Bien Xanh Co Ltd and Vietnam Hotel Projekt Co started construction on the Life Wellness Resort Phan Thiet in Phan Thiet City. The resort will be built on 4.6 hectares of previously pristine beachfront property, and will feature 60 Asian suites, 30 bungalows and 15 villas each with their own private swimming pools. The 5 star resort will also feature a spa and wellness centre, swimming pools, two or three restaurants capable of accommodating more than 500 guests, a 500-seat international conference hall, a beach bar, a tennis court and other sporting and fitness facilities. At an estimated cost of USD$8 million, Bien Xanh Ltd and Life Resorts are contributing a 50% stake each. The project was initiated by Bien Xanh, which also operates the 3 star Blue Ocean Resort & Spa in nearby Mui Ne. The Life Resorts brand, owned by Netherlands group IBUS.



Little Mui Ne Cottages

Swiss Village Resort - Mui Ne

Doi Su Tourism Village

The Beach Resort Mui Ne

Novotel Ocean Dunes & Golf Resort

Bamboo Village

Life Resort - Blue Ocean Resort

Bo Bien Nga Resort

Coco Beach Hai Duong Resort

Full Moon Beach Hotel

Doi Duong Hotel

Hon Gio Resort

Hon Rom Resort

Long Son Hotel

Palmira Resort

Phu Hai Resort

Rach Dua Tropico Resort

Saigon Mui Ne Resort

Sanctuary Resort Club

Sand Club Resort

Victoria Phan Thiet Resort

Pandanus Beach Resort, Mui Ne

Hai Au Resort - Phan Thiet

Hawaii Resort - Mui Ne

Seahorse Resort - Phan Thiet

Malibu Resort - Phan Thiet

Siva Resort - Mui Ne - Phan Thiet

Hoang Ngoc, Phan Thiet - Mui Ne

Mom Da Chim Resort & Spa

Terracotta Resort - Mui Ne - Phan Thiet

Rock Garden Spa Resort - Ke Ga - Ham Thuan Nam

Hoang Ngoc Resort - Mui Ne - Phan Thiet



Ba Ria-Vung Tau



Capital:           Vung Tau City


Districts : Ba Ria Town; Chau Duc, Xuyen Moc, Tan Thanh, Long Dat, Con Dao


Ethnicgroups : Viet (Kinh), Hoa, Khmer




Ba Ria-Vung Tau is 125 km from Ho Chi Minh City. It is found just below Dong Nai Province and beside the South China Sea. Its terrain includes mountains, hills, beaches, plains and sand dunes stretching out along the 100 km long coastline. The climate is divided into two main seasons: the rainy season from April to October, and the dry season from November to May. The average annual temperature is a balmy 27'C (80.6"F). It is well known as the industrial petroleum and gas zone of Vietnam. Handicrafts produced by the province's artisans are also developing. Ornaments made of snail shells, coral and turtle shells, have become export goods of the province. Needless to say, this has not gone over well with visiting environmentalists.

The area is a great tourist center, with a harmonious combination of sea, mountains and beaches. Just off the coast is the Con Lon Archipelago including Con Dao Island, with a national forest, beautiful beaches and rare and precious sea products. The Ba Ria-Vung Tau culture is a combination of Vietnam's three regions: North, central and South. Tourists can enjoy performances of national songs and music in theatres or at the Palace Hotel. Annually, there are popular festivals characterizing the animated and lively sea area.



Vung Tau City


From Bien Hoa, just outside Ho Chi Minh, Highway 51 drops southward via Long Thanh (site of the proposed future “HCMC International Airport”) to Ba Ria. From there, a dog-legged road ventures out across the swampland towards the shrimp farms and beaches of the Vung Tau Peninsula to Vung Tau itself, home of the most southerly beaches on the eastern Vietnamese coast. Vung Tau or “The Bay of Boats" is located some 125km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City on a hammer headed spit of land jutting into the mouth of the Saigon River. Once the thriving ‘Cap-Sainte Jacque’ Riviera style beach resort of the French, the city is now a shadow of its former self.


Ba Ria Town


Ba Ria, around 90 kilometers southeast of HCMC, is becoming a target for investors since the small seaside resort city of Vung Tau has almost no room for more property projects, except those for tourism. The town has easy access to key roads like national highways 51, 55 and 56, as well as a planned expressway connecting Vung Tau and HCMC and a rail link between Vung Tau-Bien Hoa. It has been envisioned becoming an administration, commercial, service and industrial center of the southern province. In the next few years, all administrative agencies will move from Vung Tau to Ba Ria. Together with the steady growth of traditional sectors like handicrafts and construction materials, including bricks, concrete and quarrying, numerous energy, port and industrial park projects have got under way in Ba Ria and surrounding areas in the province. The local authorities have given priority to developing infrastructure for existing and new residential areas based on a plan to convert Ba Ria into a more developed town with a population of 400,000. New residential areas are mostly located alongside National Highway 56, which links the town with Long Khanh in neighboring Dong Nai Province.


Ben Cat-Ho Tram Beaches, Xuyen Moc District



Ben Cat-Ho Tram is one of the 3 key areas in the south-eastern region to receive investment incentives for development as tourism draw cards, the 2 other sites being Con Dao National Park and the Can Gio UNESCO listed mangrove swamps nearby in HCMC. The Ho Tram area has great potential for such facilities. To date, around 30 domestic and overseas investors have invested a total of USD$36.5 million into tourism in the area. With its 11 km stretch of beach and nearby Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve, “the area is ideal for tourism development.” It is also well known for its abundant fauna and flora and a mineral water spring. Transport links between the area and economic hubs such as Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Thuan tourist province, are also suitable for developing inter-regional tourism.


Con Dau Island



Con Dao, 185 kilometres off Vung Tau coast, is an archipelago of 16 islands, with a total landmass of 76.7 square kilometres. The archipelago has a sheltered deep water bay in close proximity to international sea routes. Many Communist Party sympathisers were imprisoned on Con Dao during the wars with the French and Americans. Con Dao should be recognised for the worthiness of the sacrifice of patriots as a lesson for future generations to learn. Provincial authorities want to develop Con Dau island into a big economic and tourism center in Southeast Asia, with the aim to make Con Dao into a customs-free area, and "a paradise island for tourists." There are plans to develop 3 all-purpose towns on Con Dao, including one in the central area, one in the Ben Dam area, and in the Co Ong area. In the central area, the masterplan design reserves all history sites on the island, while the town area will be moved to the mountain foot to make it easy to develop high-rise works to resolve the shortage of land for development on the island. Co Ong area will become a modern town. The existing town will become a low-rise town, a walking area, and a big duty free zone for Co Ong Airport's guests. A part of Dam Tre will be developed into an ecological area and a golf course. Ben Dam area will become a seaport area featuring pedestrian walkways among others by the mountain side. This design offers a special idea to develop many big lakes under big springs to reserve water for the island. Some resorts will be built near these lakes, and a cable car system will connect all these points. The Con Dau archipelago will offer investors incentives in line with those extended by other Open Economic Zones, such as Chu Lai and Dung Quat.







Bien Dong Hotel



In mid 2007 Vung Tau Tourism announced plans for a 5 stat hotel inside the current Bien Dong tourist park along the Back Beach in the coastal resort town of Vung Tau at a cost of USD$10 million. The sea-view Bien Dong Hotel will cover some 12,000 square meters. The hotel will be built with 19 stories and some 200 rooms. In addition, it will have a swimming pool, a shopping mall and a green tree park among other amenities. The corporation said that it would be a building complex providing a variety of services for guests and international conferences. The Bien Dong Joint Stock Company is a member of the Vungtau Tourist Corporation. Orignianlly it was planned to have some 300 rooms of 4 star standard on a land area of 25,000 sqm costing USD$20 million.



Thang Muoi Hotel


In 2005 the National Oil Services Company of Vietnam (OSC) and South Korea's GP Holdings Group signed a USD$30 million joint venture contract to build a 5 star hotel on the coast with 300 rooms on an area just under 3 hectares within the 11 hectare premises of the 2 star Thang Muoi Hotel at Bai Sau (Back Beach). OSC will contribute 30% of the project's capital in land use rights and its Korean counterpart, which specialises in travel, aviation and automobile manufacturing, the remainder. The project would also include entertainment services. The two partners are also considering another project, worth USD$100 million, to build a 5,000 seat international convention centre nearby.



In addition to this project, the company is seeking partners for another two hotel projects : -



  1. a 5 star hotel on 2 hectares on Bai Truc (Front Beach) in Vung Tau, and


  1. a 4 star hotel on a  hectare plot of land in Dalat in the central highlands province of Lam Dong.



Besides these projects, OSC Vietnam also plans to repair and upgrade some hotels and villas in Vung Tau, including the Palace and Rex hotels. It has invested USD$636,000 to upgrade the 3 star Palace Hotel to a 4 star standard. Repair work at the Rex Hotel is estimated to cost USD$1.25 million. The company is also planning to upgrade villas for lease to foreigners in Nam Son Petroleum Service Complex.



OSC Vietnam is now operating 12 hotels, from 1-3 stars, a first class villa complex and 2 resorts, as well as being involved in 7 ventures with local and foreign partners in industries including tourism and oil as well as restaurant and hotel services.



Saigon Atlantis



At the end of 2007 US’s Winvest Investment Vietnam Co Ltd announced that they wished to increase the investment to USD$4 billion from the current licenced USD$300 million for the Saigon Atlantis Resort project. The investment would be used to develop more luxury tourist facilities for the 300 hectare resort. In 2006 the company received the license for the USD$300 million tourism and entertainment complex for developing an area of 300 hectares at Cua Lap, 6 kilometers east of Vung Tau City, into a complex of a 5 star hotels of 800 to 1,200 rooms, villas, a golf course, shopping centers, restaurants, and other facilities.



In mid 2007 the US real estate company Skybridge Commercial announced plans to build a complex of an international fair and exhibition center, 3 hotels of 3-5 star ratings, and 500 luxury villas, a trade center and a boat pier in Cua Lap with USD$500 million from investors in the United Arab Emirates.



Ho Tram Resort



Asian Coast Development Inc from Canada will invest USD$500 million to develop a 150 hectare resort called Ho Tram in Xuyen Moc District including a 400 room 5 star resort with sport, entertainment and commercial facilities like shopping, tennis, restaurant, bars, swimming pool, games and a 500 seat theatre. The investor will set up a company in Vietnam named Ho Tram Project Co Ltd to carry out the project.



San Shing Resort



Hong Kong's San Shing Ltd plans to develop a resort in Chi Linh-Cua Lap about 6 kilometers east of Vung Tau City. The investor plans to build a 500 room 5 star resort, a tourism park, an entertainment center, and games for foreigners, at a cost of USD$120 million in all.



Golden Coast Resort



In early 2007 a licence was granted for the Golden Coast Resort capitalized at USD$25 million. Hai Phuong-Bentham Co Ltd, the joint venture of Hai Phuong Construction Co Ltd and Taiwan's Bentham International, will carry out the project in the Chi Linh-Cua Lap area. According to the joint venture, the project comprises a resort, a 5 star hotel, villas, entertainment areas, shopping and retail centers, and sports club.



Hoa Anh Dao Tourist Park



By late 2003 the 240 hectare Hoa Anh Dao Tourist Park had attracted 14 projects covering 255 hectares. These 14 projects had combined registered capital of USD$93 million. The detailed zoning plans for 3 of the projects had been approved, namely : -



  1. Ben Thanh-Phuoc Hai Cau Tum owned by Ben Thanh Corp, and


  1. Sweet Water Pass owned by Hoa Anh Dao Tourism Co, and


  1. Sao Mai invested by An Mi Ltd.



The coastline tourist zone is in Phuoc Hai Commune, Long Dat District, and has been opened to investors since 2001. The park is designed as a tourism complex with facilities for accommodation, entertainment, relaxation and sports.



Imperial Hotel & Apartment & Entertainment Complex



At the end of 2007, the Vung Tau based real estate corporation Lac Viet Imperial opened the 7,400sqm USD$15.3 million Imperial Plaza, which is a part of a larger project, the Imperial Complex Vung Tau. The complex is under development on a 17,600 sqm with a total investment of USD$23.25 million. It also comprises a 150 room 5 star hotel and another 100 serviced apartments. Three more Imperial Plazas are expected for Hanoi, HCM City and Nha Trang. The existing shareholders include Ba Ria-Vung Tau Tourist Company, Ho Guom Service-Construction-Service Company, HCM City Securities Corporation and Empower Securities Corporation. Strategic partners include PetroVietnam Finance Company and PetroVietnam Real Estate Company.



Evason Six Senses Con Dao Resort



Indochina Land’s luxury eco-friendly Evason Hideaway resort managed by Six Senses covers 12.9 hectares and includes one kilometer of pristine beach. The project and the entire development will be the first in Asia to be built to Green Globe2l standards, the benchmark for environmental standards and sustainability. The property will have 2 beach villas, 10 pool hotel villas, 22 duplex pool villas, 5 duplex pool villas with spa, 7 two-bedroom and 8 three-bedroom villas all with spa and private pools, and a presidential 4-bedroom hill villa with pools and spa. Besides, there will be a gourmet restaurant, a tropical spa, and health club. The project will cost over USD$20 million. Con Dao is a 45 minute flight from HCM City and is made up of 16 islets of which Con Lon is the largest. It boasts magnificent scenery, a marine national park with beaches, crystal waters, and coconut groves.



Binh Chau Safari Park



In mid 2005 plans for the construction of a USD$200 million 400 hectare Safari Binh Chau Zoo located in the Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu nature reserve were announced. Investment will be partly provided by Denmark's Green City Fund. Under the project, animals will be imported while breeding and rescue zones will be built. The zoo will also house a wildlife management establishment, an aquarium, a restaurant and reception area.



OSC & UDS Con Dao Resort



In mid 2005 Japan's Urban Design Company (UDS) announced plans to join forces with the National Oil Services Company of Vietnam (OSC) to develop a USD$25 million tourist complex on Hon Cau Islet in the Con Dao archipelago. The partnership, also known as the OSCUDS Resort Company, plans to build a 60 room resort with guest houses made of bamboo and rattan, a traditional craft village area and other facilities, including a swimming pool, restaurant, shopping centre, helicopter airfield and other services. The provincial government has given the go ahead for the joint venture to use all 260 hectares of land on the islet for the resort but initially the project will only be built on 38 hectares and expanded afterwards.



Hai Phu Villas, Long Hai


Covering 14,000 square meters, the area is adjacent to National Highway 56, so it is convenient for residents to go to Vung Tau, Long Hai or other beach resort towns in the province, and HCMC. Hai Phu Housing Construction and Trading Co, the developer of the Hai Phu villa project, have finished half of the 40 semi-detached villas which have been sold for USD$75,000-USD$125,0000 each.


Sea Dragon Hill


In mid 2006 the luxury Sea Dragon Hill resort was announced on 120 hectares. The developer, Thanh Long Travel Ltd, will cooperate with some local and two foreign partners to build the resort. One of the local partners is Au Lac Ltd, which is investing into Tuan Chau Resort in the northern province of Quang Ninh. The companies plan to develop the Sea Dragon Hill luxury resort like a tourist complex with 3-5 star resorts, an entertainment park, a shopping area, a guest house in the forest and other facilities. The investors plan to spend around USD$900 million. Thanh Long first invested in a resort on 12 hectares in 2002 but after finishing the infrastructure decided to extend the area over 60 more hectares and then 50 more hectares.



Platinum Dragon Empire’s Aquarium & Disneyland



In early 2007 US based Platinum Dragon Empire submitted detailed schemes for 2 big tourism projects in Vung Tau with total estimated capital of US$550 million. The two projects comprises :-



  1. "Wonderful World", covering 155 hectares in Vung Tau's Bau Trung area and will feature an amusement park modelled on Disneyland with entertainment for children and adults. The giant park will also house a "Wonders of the World" site where spectators will find replicas of the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pyramids as well as an international conference centre, shopping malls, internationally standard hotels and restaurants, 3D cinemas, and open-air stages. The cost for the project is estimated at $300m which will be carried out by its subsidiary Good Choice. Provincial authorities have granted land use rights for 50 years.



  1. The second project is an aquarium complex on Nghinh Phong Cape in Vung Tau. The multi storey Vung Tau Aquarium, covering 51 ha, would be modelled on the Monterey Bay Aquaruim in California, US, the largest of its kind. The project will display various marine life and offer fast food restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, booking counters, waiting rooms and showrooms featuring coral, marine plants and information on oceanography. The estimated capital for this project is up to $250m.



Agribank Hotel



In mid 2006 the Vietnam Agriculture Bank Tourism Co started work on a 5 star hotel at 158 Thuy Van Street in Vung Tau City with a total investment of USD$12 million, all invested by Agribank. The 15 storeys luxury hotel is to include 219 rooms on a prime 3,500sqm beachfront site. Agribank also invested in a refurbishment of the 3 star My Le Hotel in 2005, including the addition of 35 new rooms.



Trung Thuy, Xuyen Moc Resort



At the end of 2007, the Trung Thuy Joint Stock Company, the owner of the luxury Lancaster building in downtown HCMC and the Miss Ao Dai dress shops, began construction on a 5 star resort covering 113 hectares in Xuyen Moc District, 145km east of HCMC, with 230 rooms, 120 villas and bungalows, a golf course and many tourist facilities. The total investment for the resort excluding the cost of land is USD$40 million. During the first stage of the project the company will spend half their investment to develop 40 hectares of beachside property with a hotel, half of the villas and bungalows, and some facilities for tourists on the beachside. The HCMC based company initially planned to develop a 4 star resort but changed their plans because of the project's "great potential." Trung Thuy will hold 60% of the capital, while the remainder will come from strategic investors.



Asian Coast Development Golf Resort, Xuyen Moc District



In early 2007, Bahamas based Asian Coast Development, in conjunction with several Canadian investors, announced plans to invest USD$500 million to develop a 150 hectare resort called Ho Tram in Xuyen Moc District, including 5 themed casinos and a Greg Norman-designed golf course, a 400 room 5 star resort with sport, entertainment and commercial facilities like shopping, tennis, restaurant, bars, swimming pool, games and a 500 seat theatre. The investor will set up a company in Vietnam named Ho Tram Project Co Ltd to carry out the project.


Sanctuary Ho Tram Resort



Opening 2010 the Sanctuary Resorts will incorporate 44 luxury beachfront bungalows operated by a top international resort operator. Located just 135 kilometers east of HCMC the Sanctuary is an elegant ocean front resort community just South of Phuoc Buu town on Ho Tram Beach in Xuyen Moc district approximately 2 hours drive away. New bridges and roads are currently under construction which will reduce the drive time to approximately 1 hr 15 minutes in 2009. The Residences at Sanctuary master plan includes 67 luxury residential villa units in a world-class waterfront residential community as well as a 5 star resort hotel with sports and recreational facilities all within a 168,000 sqm (42 acres) beachfront property. Waterfront properties at Sanctuary include the magnificent Premium Beachfront Villas, which are 480 sqm and directly border the secluded beach starting at $1,500,000 ie USD$3,125/sqm. The Premium Riverfront Villas are 430 sqm and ring the river along the interior island, priced from $650,000 to $720,000 ie USD$1,510-USD$1,675; and the Deluxe Riverfront Villas, at 370 sqm, each have river frontage with easy access to the beach and are priced from $550,000 to $590,000 ie USD$1,485-USD$1,595. Sanctuary's architecture, landscaping, amenities, communications and infrastructure are all of the absolute highest standard of design and construction, all in a beautiful, contemporary setting. Homeowners will have the option of entering their villas into the resort rental program.



Sunimex Sunny Beach Resort



In mid 2006 Ben Thanh Corporation and 6 subsidiaries began construction of a USD$10 million seaside resort project costing USD$10 million. The 4 star Sunny Beach Resort covers 12 hectares in Phuoc Hai Commune, Long Hai and Dat Do Districts and comprises 24 sea view bungalows, 77 hotel rooms, 30 villas, meeting room of 500 seats, and other facilities to cater to the needs of tourists. One more hotel would be added in a second phase. The resort will be managed by a management JV between the corporation and Malaysian partners



Kim Long - Chau Doc New Town



In early 2007 the province announced plans to develop a new town in Kim Long Commune in Chau Duc District by 2020, requiring some USD$23 million to develop physical infrastructure for the 250 hectare town. The project will be developed in 2 phases - one from 2006 to 2010 and the other from 2011 to 2020.


Koh Brothers Singapore - Con Dau project



In early 2007 Singapore’s Koh Brothers applied for zoning and investment permits for land on Con Dau island.



Golden Sands, Con Dau Island Resort



In mid 2007 a consortium between France’s Creatis and M.H Golden Sands Company submitted plans to develop a site at Dam Trau, Suoi Ot and Co Ong on a plot of some 300 hectares and with an estimate investment capital of US$200-$375 million on Con Dao island. MH Golden Sands specializes in resort operation, finance and banking, and real estate, and is headquartered in Chicago, USA. Initially the developers plan invest USD$30-50 million to build 65 villas and 45 condominiums in Dam Trau, and 81 suites and 35 villas in Suoi Ot, as well as a 100 room hotel broaching both areas.



Indochina Capital Resort, Con Dau Island Resort



Indochina Capital is building a 60 room, 4 star resort on a 12 hectare site, soaking up 400 metres of beach frontage on Dat Doc Beach.


Japanese Resort, Con Dau Island


SaigonTourist Resort, Con Dau Island


Huazhen 4 Star Hotel & Retail Complex



In late 2006 Huazhen announced plans to invest in a 4 star hotel & shopping centre in Vung Tau on 1.3 hectares. Sun Travel & Entertainment Co, a project with Huazhen Textiles & Trading Ltd from Hong Kong, will cost USD$4.3 million.



Medicoast Health Resort, Thy Van Beach



In early 2007 the first medical tourism complex in the country officially opened its doors near Vung Tau's back beach. The Medicoast resort, built on an 8,000 square metre site near Thuy Van Beach, comprises a 4 storey medical examinations centre and a 7 storey sanatorium and amusement building with 300 beds in 130 rooms of 3 star standard. Each room has windows facing the mountains or the sea and has long, distance phones, Wi-Fi internet and LCD televisions. Medicoast also has two villa complexes with 8 high class rooms. The Vung Tau Tourist Sanatorium Co spent USD$3.12 million on medical equipment and USD$1.87 million on construction.



Eden-Thanh Binh Resort



In early 2007 construction on Vung Tau province's first 4 star tourism complex, Eden Thanh Binh, started at Chi Linh - Cua Lap commune. Invested and developed by the Thanh Binh Consult Services and Trading Company in combination with the Eden Joint Stock Company, the project is designed and inspected by the French Architecture Cretis and constructed by BMC. Spread over 25 hectares, the project will be divided into a number of different functional areas such as the Cua Lap park, eco-biology villas, sport complexes, spa, resorts, a high end hotel and a trading centre. With an investment of USD$28 million the project will offer 3 hotels, 200 villas and public facilities which will serve 500 to 700 customers. Capital for the project's 1st Phase is USD$5 million for building 81 villas and bungalows, a central house, a conference hall, a golf driving range and water-sport facilities. A 150 room hotel and spa will be built in the 2nd Phase. Eden-Thanh Binh Resort is located inside Thanh Binh High grade Villas & Tourist Resort, which covers 25.6 hectares. More than 200 villas will be built in Thanh Binh High grade Villas &Tourist Resort



Vung Tau International Convention & Mixed Use Complex



In late 2007 Construction Investment and Development Co started work on the Vung Tau International Convention Centre with a total capital of USD$41 million on a 3 hectare site. The centre will have 4 components including a convention centre area serving 1,500 visitors, an office area, an international 5 star standard hotel with 385 rooms, and a service area with a swimming pool, a bar, a sports centre and other entertainment services.



Le Vu House Resort, Ho Tram


In mid 2007 the province approved the 1/500-scale zoning plan for the Ho Tram Resort covering 27 hectares in Phuoc Thuan Commune, Xuyen Moc District. The resort includes a 5 star hotel, bungalows, villas, entertainment area and other facilities and will be developed by the Le Vu House Trade and Development Join Stock Company with total investment of over USD$23 million.



Gillmann Resort Complex, Xuyen Moc



In late 2007 the US Gillmann Group and Fidelity Ventures and their domestic partners mapped out a USD$5.2 billion recreational complex venture. The two foreign investors plan to cooperate with the Ho Tram Joint Stock Company (HTJSC) to develop the project in the province's Ho Tram town. HTJSC expect the project, located downstream of the Ray River which is considered the "nicest and most ideal location" for tourism development, to occupying 960 hectares, so if the project is approved it will be the largest tourism and entertainment complex in Vietnam. The project would also include a casino, a sensitive issue in Vietnam. Under Vietnam's current laws that ban gambling, casino resorts would have to cater to foreign tourists only. The resort would feature around 10 functional areas comprising a financial-banking center, a water world park and aquarium, a casino, a cinema area, resorts, and others.



Silver Sea Office & Condos



In late 2007 2 domestic companies, Getraco and Amazing, commenced construction of an 18 story commercial, office and condo building in the center of Vung Tau City. Getraco of Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province and HCMC's Amazing will spend around USD$6.88 million developing the Silver Sea Tower project at 47 Ba Cu Street in the southern resort town. The building will have total floor space of 20,000 square meters and will be the tallest in the city when in place. The first 3 floors will be for a supermarket, the next 6 for offices and the rest for condos.


Thuy Duong Resort



In late 2007 Huy Hoang Garment and Construction Joint Stock Co broke ground for a resort in Dat Do Commune. The 5.3 hectare Thuy Duong Resort will require total capital of USD$6.5million.



Daewon Thu Duc Resort



In late 2007 the Daewon-Thu Duc Housing Development Company won a land tender with USD$5 million to build a resort in Long Dien and will invest US$80 million in the resort.



Sanctuary Residential Resort



Refico, the owner of the Hai Vuong Tourism Joint Stock Company, is developing the resort with its development partners, HBP and Unicons. It is located south of Phuoc Buu town at Ho Tram Beach in Xuyen Moc district and comprises 67 luxury residential villas and a luxury boutique resort along with a full spa and array of recreational facilities.



Pullman Vung Tau Hotel



In early 2008 Accor announced plans to open a 360 room Pullman hotel.






Anoasis Beach Resort

Saigon - Binh Chau Ho Coc Spa Eco-Tourism Resort

Paradise JV Golf Resort Vung Tau

Petro House Hotel

Buu Dien Hotel

Cao Su Hotel

Cap Saint Jacques Hotel

Dau Khi Hotel

Dien Luc Hotel

Doi Dua Hotel

Dong Nam A Hotel

Du Lich Cong doang Tinh Hotel

Fraser Diving

Grand Hotel & Office Building & Apartments

Hai Au Hotel

Hai Ha Hotel

Hon Ngoc Vien Dong Hotel

Kim Son Hotel

Lesco Resort

My Le Hotel

Ocean Park Hotel

Palace Hotel - Vung Tau

Phuong Anh Hotel

Phuong Dong Hotel

Rang Dong Orange Court Hotel

Rex Hotel - Vung Tau

Royal Hotel - Vung Tau

Sai Gon Hotel

Saigon Con Dao Resort - SaigonTourist

Sammy Hotel - Vung Tau Tourism JS Co

Thanh Thieu Nien Hotel

Thuy Tien Hotel

Thuy Van Hotel

Vung Tau P & T Hotel

Son Thuy Resort VYC - Bai Sau / Back Beach

Nghinh Phong Cape Resort - $400k - Ha Long 1

DIC Star Hotel Refurbishment, Thuy Van Beach

Life Resort Ho Tram Osaka




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